[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of The Flash. Read at your own risk!]

It feels like Iris (Candice Patton) has been trapped in the Mirror World for years now, and considering how The Flash left things in its spring finale, that might be a very bad thing. When all is said and done, will Barry (Grant Gustin) defeat the Mirror Master only to be faced with a new one in the form of his wife?

While Eva (Efrat Dor) took her reign of reflective terror into the real world in an effort to hunt down and kill her husband, Iris and Camilla (Victoria Park) were left trying to find Tsing (Patrick Sabongui) in the Mirror World. While everything was still completely undecipherable to Camilla, Iris found if she concentrated, she could read the screens in Mirror World and track Tsing down. She explained it away as her having been in the Mirror World for longer than Camilla, but what if the truth of the matter is far more ominous?

Nash (Tom Cavanagh) brought up the possibility that the dimension of the Mirror World causes a mental affliction that warps the minds of those who exist there. Carver (Eric Nenninger) had a similar theory that his wife was no longer the woman she used to be because the Mirror World was incompatible with the human mind, eventually driving people insane. If they’re both right, and Eva’s murderous intentions towards her husband were the result of losing her mind in the Mirror World, that does not bode well for Iris. Or for Barry, for that matter, when and if she gets out.

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The final moments of The Flash‘s spring finale were spent with Iris as she finally tracked down Tsing and realized she was beginning to get control of the Mirror World — just like Eva. Then she full-on crystalized and disappeared, leaving us with a huge cliffhanger.

Is Iris developing mirror powers after being in the Mirror World too long? And if those powers come with a fair amount of madness, what does that mean for her and her future? Are we looking at a new Mirror Master in the form of Iris West-Allen?

All of these are questions The Flash Season 6 will have to answer when it returns after the COVID-19 shutdown precautions on productions are lifted. But showrunner Eric Wallace did previously tell TV Guide that Iris’ Mirror World arc would have “huge, epic consequences,” and turning her into a full-blown villain would fit that bill. We’re going to have to start preparing ourselves for the possibility that this season could end with a turn to the dark side for Iris.

There are currently no details on when The Flash Season 6 will return.

Candice Patton, <em>The Flash</em>Candice Patton, The Flash

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