The pages of this manuscript penned by the iconic, best-selling author Howard Bloom is as addictive as that hit song you can’t stop singing and as beautiful as a dazzling piece of art glowing on a once empty canvas. “Einstein, Michael Jackson, & Me: A Search For Soul in the Power Pits of Rock And Roll” (Rowman & Littlefield)  is destined to last throughout history as a rock and roll bible filled with a sparkling array of colorful bursts of heartfelt sentiment and never-before unleashed revelations of musical legends. Reading this book was a complete celebration.

“I’m just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarrass easily”…..Michael Jackson

A literary alchemist, Bloom transforms his words into magical narratives committed to the truth and to the redemption of Michael Jackson, a personal mission of Bloom’s. In courageous and gut-punching conversation he illustrates the pain Jackson felt and the angelic humanity Michael displayed. A strong testimonial from Helen Zuman the author of “Mating in Captivity” best conveys the plight of Michael, “before picking up ‘Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me’ I thought of Michael Jackson as a plastic surgery addict, superstar pedophile who’s done some awfully catchy songs. By the time I reached the end I was grieving with tears in my eyes. The tragic crucifixion of a wonderous luminous soul.”

Bloom also proclaims that “ managing is the discovery of the human soul” and that “music is an exchange of the human soul.” Also included within the riveting stories of the manuscript is a tantalizing concept spawned from Bloom’s beliefs that there are gods inside of us all, and that his job was to find the gods inside each of his superstars. Why? To help give life to the gods inside you and me. There is no one on the planet more attuned or qualified to accomplish this than Howard Bloom.

Bloom has been dubbed “the greatest press agent that rock and roll has ever known.” He has represented artists including: Michael Jackson, Prince, Bob Marley, Billy Joel, Queen, Billy Idol, Bette Midler, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, Peter Gabriel, AC/DC, Run DMC, Chaka Khan and an endless stream of others. He has also been referred to as “the next in a lineage of seminal thinkers that includes Newton, Darwin, Einstein and Freud” by Britain’s Channel 4 TV. He has written books which include: “The Lucifer Principle”, “The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates”, The Mohammad Code”, How I Accidentally Started the Sixties”, and several others. That merely touches the surface of who this dynamic visionary is.

A 20th Century real life super-hero, Bloom’s “Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me” puts you in the very center of his unique and unusual experiences with music heroes that are universally known and loved. The stories are flawlessly relayed in an astounding, audacious fashion filled with the testimony aroused by the reality of the Gods within Bloom’s own soul. During his search for soul he defies common sense but gives you a whole new way to look at everything you see.  Yes, Bloom defines a whole new sensibility. Bloom dares to evoke the threat of imagination while causing a sophisticated literary anarchy.

5/5 Stars

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Review by Eileen Shapiro

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