Plowing the Oceans In The Pelagic 77 from Dutch Yachtbuilders KM

The attraction to sail the Oceans is growing, so plenty of companies are catering to this demand. Dutch Yachtbuilder KM is a leading supplier in luxury sailing craft, and this shows in their latest design the Pelagic 77

I love the sea and have lived near it all my life, also had the good fortune to sail on it a few times. I do have a desire to take off on some vessel to conquer the oceans, which one I am not sure. I wish to follow great adventurers like Cook and Raleigh so seeing the Pelagic 77 fuels this yearning.

The Pelagic 77 is 23.5-metres in length with an aluminium hull one of a rare breed of sailing crafts explicitly designed for navigating polar seas.

Tony Castro is responsible for its design, he has worked closely with skipper, polar explorer and round the world racer, Skip Novak. They conceived, designed and built it to specific criteria, enhancing autonomy, ease of handling, simple sail plan, reliable onboard systems, robustness along with workshop repairs station.

The new owner knew exactly who to go to for advice, with his requirements in design. In his words, to Tony, he asked for “an expedition yacht designed and built for sailing mainly in high latitudes.”

The Pelagic 77 from Dutch Yachtbuilders KM

Considered a world authority on high-latitude sailing Skip Novak has a specialist vessel, Pelagic Australis, also designed by Tony Castro. The Pelagic 77, by KM Yacht builders, aluminium specialists is built very much as a progression of that vessel. Pelagic Australis was launched in 2003 and has covered thousands of miles as an expedition charter in the Arctic and Antarctic. It has also attempted the navigation of the NW Passage.

An already proven winning team Skip, Tony and KM, Peter Wilson says “why look any further?”

He continues “As Skip is often at sea on expeditions, he needed a wingman on the ground to follow the project and MCM was delighted to oblige. An expedition sailing yacht has to be designed and built to specific criteria, including enhanced autonomy, ease of handling, a simple sail plan and reliable onboard systems – and robust. The Pelagic 77 has been conceived with all these factors in mind.”

There are many features that make the Pelagic 77 standout as a vessel capable of any expedition including a reinforced aluminium hull and deck structure strong enough to tackle passage through the ice without any damage.

The sail plan is a Schooner allowing the craft to adjust easily in high winds and rough seas.

The Pelagic 77 mainsails

Redundancy is also gained with two mainsails of equal size, meaning the aft sail will fit on the forward mast. A solid aluminium centreboard makes up the fixed keel providing the ability to enter shoal waters. The 77 also has two engines both have well-protected propellers. Repairs and maintenance is not an issue at sea with a workshop forward of the accommodation hub.

An expedition RIB is carried on the sturdy gantry frame on the transom (a second RIB is stowed on deck). Heating in the aft salon, dinette and galley come from a reliable diesel stove which is a must-have in the freezing conditions. The crew also get radiators in all areas of accommodation, helping to prevent condensation. Capable of sleeping 12, the vessel is capable of private and commercial chartering. Bamboo was chosen as the primary material for the interiors as it is hard-wearing, easy to maintain and comfortable.

Wilson says “This project represents a number of firsts for MCM. Although I’ve known Tony for many years and Skip since our maxi racing days in the ’80s, we’ve never had the opportunity to work together. Additionally, it’s also our first collaboration with KM Yacht builders, who have carved out a solid niche in building high quality, rugged, aluminium explorer yachts.

This is a collaboration amongst a coterie of experienced people that oozes a shared enthusiasm to achieve something exceptional.”

The Pelagic 77 is scheduled for completion before the end of 2020

The Pelagic 77 is scheduled for completion before the end of 2020. She will be put through her paces in the northern high latitudes.

I wish her happy sailing, with fair winds and calm seas.

This article was written by Jeremy Webb.

Pelagic 77 Specifications

  • LOA: 23.52m
  • LWL: 20.40m
  • Beam max: 6.31m
  • Draught max: 4.30m
  • Draught min: 2.15 m
  • Engines: 2 x Yanmar 118 kW propulsion engines
  • Fuel: 8210 lit.
  • Day tank fuel: 250 lit.
  • Freshwater: 3055 lit. B/G
  • Water: 1310 lit.
  • Utility/Waste/Oil: 200 lit.

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Plowing the Oceans In The Pelagic 77 from Dutch Yachtbuilders KM 3

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