Teddy Greenwald and Ray Starck have known one another since the Truman Administration. They, along with two other boys, formed the core of a group of kids who did everything together. As teenagers, they discovered that restaurants gave free coffee refills even if you didn’t order anything else, leading to a lifetime’s worth of bottomless cups and frustrated restaurant owners. Now in advanced age, Teddy and Ray still meet regularly to drink too much coffee and flashback to the various times and events which helped shape their lives.

One of their once-close group, who has enjoyed a modestly successful career in Hollywood, comes up with the idea of making a movie about their youthful experiences together and what came after for each of them. For some, however, facing their past, present, and inevitable future all in one sitting proves considerably more difficult than it appears on the silver screen.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Bottomless Cups” written by author Joel Bresler and narrated by Juan Fuentes. Now available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:


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