Citizen Kane And 8 Other Movies To Stream If You Want To Impress Pretentious Movie Fans


Why Watch It: Ingmar Bergman is considered by many to be one of the greatest directors of all time. Known for his beautiful close-ups and mastery of drama, Bergam was behind the camera for some of the most influential films in history. Arguably, the most well known being The Seventh Seal. It’s full of beautiful dialogue, gorgeous shots and riveting performances by Max Von Sydow and Bengt Ekerot as Death.

Why It’s Good: The Seventh Seal is an eerily apt film to watch in our current climate. It explores themes of death, community and religion in a time of uncertainty. Sounds kind of familiar to the current Covid-19 crisis, huh? The Seventh Seal is also surprisingly hilarious, with brutally nihilistic quips from the cast.

Watch The Seventh Seal on The Criterion Channel here.

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