Plagued by the inconvenience of worldwide stay-at-home notices, luxury shopping at physical boutiques have since taken a backseat in the lives of most civilians. While an issue for some, Roman jeweller Bvlgari has since turned these unprecedented circumstances into an opportunity by accelerating its worldwide digital expansion with the launch of its e-commerce platform in seven additional countries within the next 90 days. The best luxury has to offer will soon be a click away, as Bvlgari aims to bring the world to you — one pampering gift at a time for the elevated every day, and for special occasions.

From May 21st to July 29th, the new online shops will arrive and go live in this order: Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, Korea, Mexico and Brazil. Shoppers will then be able to discover the wonderful world of Bvlgari anywhere, anytime, and enjoy their favourite pieces in the most hassle-free way — delivered straight to their homes.

Establishing the brand’s first e-shop in the late 2000s, Bvlgari’s journey towards an integrated omnichannel experience was long and challenging. It had to undergo a major revamp in USA, Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Australia. The website’s design was refreshed, major service operations such as customer care and logistics were looked into, to ensure products can be either shipped to the buyer’s home or be collected in a boutique. Appointments can be made online as well for a more intimate shopping experience.

Serving the client’s needs is the cornerstone that the Roman maison has built its e-commerce strategy on. A dedicated e-concierge team drives efficient customer service, while Bvlgari’s e-commerce platform is further enhanced by 3D product images and augmented reality (AR). Through AR, customers are able to scale Bvlgari bags in a true-to-size manner, mimicking a real-world environment for a life-like shopping experience. As part of Bvlgari’s ever-evolving digitisation plans, the jewellery, watches, and other Bvlgari’s catalogue categories will soon feature these revolutionary technology components.

Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

E-commerce must be an engaging and exclusive 360 degrees experience, offering the same service of excellence delivered in a Bvlgari boutique. Not to mention the complementarity of the website with the Boutiques in terms of contents and information. With COVID-19, our e-shop has become our number 1 store worldwide with a growth exceeding 100% and we believe it will reinforce its leading position after COVID-19, as it has been an accelerating factor. The key to this success lies in its smooth interconnection with the ‘physical’ boutique and the other digital channels — therefore, in our coherent omnichannel approach and total alignment of Boutiques associates and consumer care advisors” – Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

Another key aspect of the maison’s client-centric approach includes the simplification of the online purchase process, Free shipping and flexible delivery (within 24 hours when required) are offered, hassle free returns are ensured with complimentary returns via online and through customer service or directly to the boutique (when they re-open). For an ultra-coherent experience, a piece of the Roman Condotti boutique will reach each client through the exclusive packaging for online purchases, featuring the unmistakable Bvlgari Pantheon mesh. A set of dedicated tools and services to break the taboo surrounding purchasing of luxury items on digital platforms are employed with a suite of the most commonly used payment methods.

Bvlgari has worked relentlessly to ensure a seamless experience between the customer and itself in all its touch points — be it physical or digital — before, during or after a purchase. The need to enhance its omnichannel presence is motivated by statistics — more than 80% of the clients who shop in a Bvlgari boutique have had a previous digital contact with the brand, either through its website or the official social media platforms.

To celebrate the launch of Singapore’s e-commerce platform on May 21st, the first 30 clients (with a minimum spending of SGD1,000) will receive a celebratory gift from Bvlgari as a gesture of appreciation.

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