Author Edward McFadden guests on The Mike Wagner Show on iHeart Radio.

Edward J. McFadden III juggles a full-time career as a university administrator, with his writing aspirations. His novels Shadow of the Abyss, THROWBACK and The Breach were recently published by Severed Press, and Primeval Valley and Sea Tremors are coming in 2019. His short story Doorways in Time appeared in Shadows & Reflections, an estate authorized Roger Zelazny tribute anthology with an introduction by George R.R. Martin. His other novels include AWAKE, The Black Death of Babylon, Our Dying Land and HOAXERS (Crossroad Press.) Ed is also the author/editor of: Anywhere But Here, Lucky 13, Jigsaw Nation, Deconstructing Tolkien: A Fundamental Analysis of The Lord of the Rings (re-released in eBook format Fall 2012 – Amazon Bestseller), Time Capsule, Epitaphs (W/ Tom Piccirilli), The Second Coming, Thoughts of Christmas, The Best of Pirate Writings. His short stories have appeared in over 75 magazines and anthologies. He lives on Long Island with his wife Dawn, their daughter Samantha, and their mutt Oli.

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