Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Announces New Compilation Breathing Instruments


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has curated a new compilation album called Breathing Instruments, featuring new songs from Emily A. Sprague, Julianna Barwick, Mary Lattimore, and more. Each artist was directed to create a song that “accentuate the ways in which instruments sound like they are breathing.” The compilation is due out August 14 via Smith’s label touchtheplants.

In May, Smith released her latest album The Mosaic of Transformation and performed live on Pitchfork’s Instagram.

Check out Pitchfork’s 2016 “Rising” feature “Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Existential Synthesizer Music.”

Breathing Instruments

01 Dim Arc: “Breeze Shapes”
02 Sunmoonstar: “Sleepy Dragon”
03 Emily A. Sprague: “Flew”
04 Fools: “I Can See Your Voice Thru The Trees”
05 Cool Maritime & Kaitlyn Aurlia Smith: “Daybreak”
06 Constant Shapes: “Wind Leaf Shimmer”
07 Kathryn Shuman: “Objects”
08 Jeremiah Chiu: “Poems One & Fourteen”
09 Kacey Johansing: “Whales of Agate”
10 Julianna Barwick: “Newborn”
11 Mary Lattimore: “She Remembers Sitka”
12 Geotic: “Uncaught”
13 Andy Strain: “Patience”
14 Bana Haffar: “Circulations”
15 Úlfur: “Feathered”

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