National Brand Influencer, Alexandra Nicole Nolan, Shares How She Quit a Fortune 100 Company and Became a Full Time Blogger

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“I loved climbing the corporate ladder, but I needed more. I was bursting at the seams with creativity.” Alexandra Nicole Nolan, of @citychicliving (, has recently been recognized as one of Yahoo’s 9 Influencers to Inspire and Top Southern Bloggers, and has been featured in the Hollywood Digest, Los Angeles Times, and Daily Dose. “Brand development and business strategy were my main hobbies outside of work. After leaving my corporate job, I must have launched around five companies over the next 8 years before discovering my true passion for sharing life with others through blogging.”

In 2019 after selling her women’s clothing store Alexandra officially went full time as a national brand influencer, touting beauty hacks, parenting tips, home decor, women’s health, and travel diaries in her blog City Chic Living. (link

“The question comes up all the time, as a single parent household, how do you take care of your family through blogging alone? Like any other small business, generating a lucrative income through blogging requires a person behind the brand that is motivated, determined, and willing to take risks for success. If you keep your nose to the grindstone, are resilient to obstacles that may arise, and never lose sight of the end goal, success in anything you do is imminent.”

Alexandra works with national brands such as Amazon, Target, and Proctor & Gamble, and has recently launched her online course “The Business of Blogging”, which teaches others how to build their very own successful blogging business.

“I would have never imagined that day, 8 years ago, when I gave my notice to my boss that I would be embarking on an entreprenurial journey that would lead me to blogging. This amazing, creative profession has afforded me a Master’s Degree, fully supported my family financially and most importantly, given me the flexibility and freedom to make life long memories with my children.” says Alexandra “With proper guidance and hard work, anyone can build a brand through blogging. There really is little to no start up cost. All you need is the know how.” You can find more information on Alexandra Nicole’s new online course “The Business of Blogging” (link  at


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