How to Treat Yourself During Lockdown and the Top Places to Go Once Lockdown is Over


If someone told us that 2020 was going to be the way that it was, we would never believe them. Spending long periods of time at home can be overwhelming, especially when you used to have a routine where you spent most of your time outside. Luckily, in the United States, the lockdowns have become a bit more flexible, but for our friends in Canada, that’s not the case. We know how overwhelming it feels to have your routine completely changed and how easy it is to feel trapped in your own home.


These Quarantine Days: Fun Activities


Staying at home is the most effective measure against COVID-19. You have seen how quarantining has improved the situation in first-world countries like Italy and Spain, where the pandemic seemed uncontrollable.


It is important for all of us that everybody follows preventive measures such as staying at home, using your mask, and washing your hands on every possible occasion. If everybody follows these measures then we will be helping one another have a normal life resume again.


During this new situation, all of us have had good and bad days. That is why we want to share our top tip when it comes to adjusting to the new situation: find a way to live your best life at home and have something to look forward to.


If you think outside the box there are a million activities to do at home. Our favorite one is to set up a home spa. As skincare and self-care fanatics, this is a must for us because we use this time to completely relax and make ourselves a top priority. When you find yourself doing everything at home (working, studying, being a mom or a roommate, etc.), it is easy to forget that this is supposed to be a place where you can be YOU.

A white woman with a green clay mask and white towel wrapped around her head lays in front of a few tea light candles and basket of rocks. She's at a spa.

Go online and find the products that you need to start creating your own spa. You can even select a space in your home and decorate it to be your Zen place. Whenever you are there, light up some candles, play some relaxing tunes, and be ready to pamper yourself up.




Best Places To Go Once Lockdown Is Over

The second thing that got us through lockdown is having something to look forward to. That is why we decided to create a special list for our Canadian friends: our top 3 luxury places to go treat yourself once quarantine is over. If you are planning to visit Canada soon, this will work for you too!


  • Poets Cove Resort

This is a well-known spa that has become popular for the luxury of their facilities. If you are looking for a place where you will be treated like royalty, Poets Cove and Resort is the one for you. The Resort is part of British Columbia’s West Coast Gulf Island Archipelago, making it the perfect destination for the whole year.


Poets Cove also has spa packages that will fit every single one of your needs. We guarantee that, once your sensory session is finished, you will be as relaxed as ever before.


  • Glam Studio

This luxury spa is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and they know how important it is to make time for yourself. They are experts at what they do and use the best techniques to give you the perfect treatment.

The main goal at Glam Studio is to assist you to look great and feel beautiful in clear, hydrated, luxurious skin – the skin you’ve always dreamed of. Transport yourself from the hustle and  bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in tranquility. 




  • Fairmont Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs has a beautiful sight of the mountains and river, which will make you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. If you are looking for a place to disconnect and have a few days to yourself then you should come to this incredible resort in Banff, Alberta.

You have everything from location, food service, events, and an amazing spa to spend the day. The world-famous Banff Springs hotel stands as a landmark in the picturesque alpine town of Banff, Alberta. Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies,” has been providing legendary hospitality to our guests for more than 130 years.




Don’t give up on having fun just yet. We hope you find ways to stay active and inspired while in quarantine!

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