Lorries used to transport British shellfish have parked on the roads near Downing Street in protest over delays getting into the EU due to new Brexit rules.

At least 10 large lorries were parked up, with one carrying the slogan “Brexit Carnage” as shellfish companies protested against severe delays transporting their produce to the EU following a change in rules.

Another said: “Incompetent Government Destroying Shellfish Industry!”

Police were asking the drivers for their details.

Over the past few days there has been a suggestion that drivers will dump their wasted stock outside Downing Street, but so far the lorries have remained closed.

Many Scottish and Welsh fishermen have been unable to export their stocks to Europe since the start of the year after the introduction of catch certificates, health checks and customs declarations have meant lengthy delays getting into the EU.

European buyers have been rejecting their catches as they are taking too long to get to them.

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The seafood industry has warned fishing businesses could collapse within days, but Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Sunday said the delays were just “teething problems”.

He told the BBC he was “not convinced” the delays were because of the government’s trade deal with the EU and argued it will “create huge, sustainable opportunities” for the sector.

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a committee of MPs that fishing businesses would be compensated for what he described as “temporary frustrations”.

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