12 Influencer Accounts You Must Follow in 2021

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Influencers. Love them or not, they are here to stay! Here’s a list of influencer accounts (in no particular order of preference) you must follow in 2021 for their distinct and inspiring content:

1. Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn @misslhommedieu is a passionate Influencer & Luxury Realtor at The Agency in Beverly Hills. Amanda is dedicated to ensuring her clients get the best service possible. Since home is where the heart is, she works hard at her lifelong passion of providing homes that exceed clients’ expectations. With more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram, her influencer career helps her to showcase some of the best Beverly Hills has to offer and walk her followers through the luxury real estate market in LA and Internationally around the world. Showing them all, they want to know about the real estate industry.

2. Bella Zingale

Bella Zingale @metaphysicalmedium, an intuitive healer who provides clients with the life-changing answers they seek, also doubles up as a holistic health influencer. She is a truth-seeker and the soul behind Metaphysical Medium, where she tailors each individual session to every client’s unique needs to achieve the maximum healing benefits. Bella is passionate about impacting and educating the world through her spiritual work; this is what her main goal as an influencer is. Her Instagram page has a million followers because people love the fact that she is a practical psychic, very grounded in reality. You can unlock your healing with Bella Zingale; just be prepared for a straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

3. Nikki J

Beauty influencer with experience in the fashion industry, Nikki J @Nikkiglambeauty knows all about keeping up with fast-changing trends. Her influence is mostly directed toward moms as she understands how time-consuming raising a family can be, thereby helping such moms carve out time to unwind and take care of themselves. Furthermore, she is engaged in providing beauty advice for millennials who don’t have time to read through long blog articles. Her deep understanding of the digital world has helped her make impactful strides in beauty influencing.

4. Alexandra Nicole Nolan

Alexandra @alexandra.nicole is redefining the meaning of success in the digital space. She is a mom of 3, a wife, and a digital entrepreneur. Featured on Yahoo’s Influencers to Inspire list, Forbes, and Hollywood Digest, Alexandra shows her 100,000+ followers how to juggle home life and a successful career. Through her platform and blog, City Chic Living, she inspires women to be comfortable in their wins, desires, and struggles and to be unapologetically authentic so that they can show the world what they are made of without fear.

5. Chelsea Day

Family adventures are her specialty, and with four kids, Chelsea Day  @somedayilllearn understands how difficult (but rewarding!) it can be to plan for a big group. Through her blog Someday I’ll Learn, Chelsea shares fun ideas for families that love to explore. Her Instagram is a testament to her family’s adventurous spirit, covering hidden gems in every state in the US from their home base in Boise. She also shares insights into how to juggle homeschool and a busy family business. If you’re not one of her 160k followers, you should follow her now!

6. Julie Hauptmann

A driven entrepreneur who doubles up as a digital creator, if her Instagram @julescali is anything to go by, Julie is crushing it in her lifestyle content. Her interests are what you’d call polar opposites, as she is both a lifestyle content creator and a successful business owner. However, Julie is the model picture of success in pursuing your passions in life with no reservations. She is your go-to for the luxury lifestyle, and travel lookbooks and trends.

7. Tokes Ojo-Ade

This tomboy turned corporate exec & fashion influencer is a source of fashion inspiration to many. She is also the creator of Tokes Take on Style @tokestakeonstyle, a lifestyle blog where she highlights easy style do’s, don’ts, shopping tips, and everything in between. Her message to her growing community on social media is to help women, especially those who are busy and have little time for themselves, push forward, and live their best lives. Tokes is the fashion blogger and social media influencer to turn to for effortless style inspirations with a dose of motivational messages. Tokes enjoys connecting with her growing audience through live streams and has appeared on her local Fox News Baltimore morning show dishing style advice and has been featured in the huff post.

8. Alley Leto

The Life of Alley creator @Lifeofalley is all about spreading positivity and content that is meaningful to her readers and followers. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment through her platform. She tackles everyday issues that women face and encourages that they own their stories. She is also a source of strength and direction, helping people navigate the facets of life, the good and the bad. Check out her Instagram today!

9. Sarah Heer

While it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced nature of the world, especially as an influencer, Sarah Heer @arkitravels chooses to take a beat, experience life, and live in the moment. However, when she is hard at work, she shows her audience the beauty of enjoying the journey that is life. She takes you through her life, exploring new hiking trails, local restaurants, and lifestyles. Her pages are a montage of what it looks like to enjoy life.

10. Megan Collins

From Washington to the world, packed full of great fashion and lifestyle ideas, Megan Collins @trendyintartan has carved her niche in the digital world. Her blog, Trendy in Tartan, is a one-stop page for everything to do with beauty, wellness, travel, fashion, and fitness trends. In a life filled with color, Megan loves wearing all colors of the rainbow and plaid. Yes, she makes plaid look feminine chic so effortlessly. Her followers will tell you all about it!

11. Kristin Jonakin

Stereotypes have punctuated most modern world issues, and Kristin Jonakin @confessionsofacountrymom is bent on breaking the reigning stereotypes on mental health and issues surrounding motherhood. Kristin kicks back with a bit of fun DIY projects, recipes, fashion inspirations, and good ol’ humor when she is not fighting the hard fight. Before she became an influencer, Kristin began blogging as an outlet for her emotions, and Confessions of a Country Mama was thus born.

12. Michelle Kimberlee

In today’s modern-day society, perfection is something many people strive for, amplified by technology and social media platforms. Michelle Kimberlee has created a platform through her beauty brand @mishki.co where, rather than perfection, she helps people embrace self-love and shine bright in their natural beauty. The Mishki Co Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser is designed to put “power back in your hands”, empowering people to get dreamy skin results from the comfort of their own home. As a driven career woman, Michelle believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. When she switches over to influencing, she exudes self-love and confidence and always remains positive even through challenges. She wants everyone to be comfortable in their skin, enough to enjoy life and pursue their desires unabated.

As social media platforms continue to grow, influencer marketing has made strides to keep up. Influencers are helping people get inspired to live their best lives.



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