Annabella Gutman is widely known as the Cosmopolitan Connector and she is a master at connecting aspiring entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, and non-profit agencies with investors (VC’s, Family Offices, And Funds) seeking solid business opportunities and promising individuals to invest in. Annabella founded Club Annabella Corporation in 2021 with a mission to improve the future for individuals from all walks of life by utilizing services offered by the company. These individuals who have talents, gifts, and magnificent business ideas are anxious to see their dreams come to fruition, but they don’t have the connections to make something happen. But they are in luck…Annabella does!

Annabella was born in Israel, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 12, on her father’s side she is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors who have been happily married for 74 years. On her mother’s side she is also a descendant of the Zohar Kabbalah royal family she is the former Miss Los Angeles, Miss United States, and Miss World.. Being in the public eye being on a first name basis with billionaires and business leaders and running in celebrity circles is something that she has done her entire life. Her endless list of connections has accrued from a lifetime of walking on the largest runways in the world and being the face of globally known brands like Mercedes Benz, as well as working with funding projects for film studios, record companies, Netflix projects, and A-list feature films with influential industry leaders like Kimber Eastwood (the daughter of Clint Eastwood). Anabella was the first person to bring capital to World Peace One establishing herself as a Global Brand Ambassador.

The unique niche that Club Annabella Corporation fills is uniting individuals who need funding for their businesses and entertainment projects with investors who are seeking solid returns. The type of investments ranges from record labels, film studios such as Netflix and Paramount Pictures, royal families, and high-powered executives–all of whom are anxious to find a diamond in the rough that will expand their portfolio of investments.

Annabella’s extraordinary talent for finding these hidden gems, and thoroughly researching their business credibility and platform to determine the value they are offering, is what sets her apart, enabling her to be a true resource. Because she has been in the business her entire life, she has a complete understanding of what will likely make an impact, be the next big thing, and, most importantly, drive revenue–all things that investors may not have the time or resources to research, making her services extremely lucrative. Her impressive array of services include but are not limited to the following:


  1. Film packaging, for Netflix, showtime, HBO, Disney, Cinemax and more…hiring the director, Known actor, & writer

Film funding & Studios deals.

  1. Helping people find a niche which helps entrepreneurs earning their first million dollars in revenue.
  2. Facilitation of equity investment for deserving deals both personally and through connections. Including Buisness lines of credit.
  3. Giving the best investment opportunities to VCs & Funds and Angel investors.
  4. Brand ambassador for global luxury brands Brand expert strategist including Brand ambassador service (900k following) Helping celebrities to rebrand themselves, brand their name and increase their revenue.
  5. Connecting startup brands / entrepreneurs with the celebrity gifting lounge at the Emmys & Oscar awards.
  6. Helping nonprofits organizations.
  7. Creating amazing opportunities to generate wealth utilizing the future of the luxurious NFT in the world.
  8. Developing for you your own AI assistant that can help your Business save time & lots of money.
  9. Hosting red carpet events or parties.
  10. Various types of private sector loan connections on real estate and business loans for startups and developing businesses from the start up stage to expanding operating businesses including fix and flip loans and construction loans.
  11. Available for Fashion shows and Photoshoots campaigns and Modeling for luxury brands.
  12. Quick cash loans of up to 25k and credit fixing services.
  13. 1 On 1 coaching session and Group coaching sessions via zoom. Coaching entrepreneurs & investors on how to network effectively. And grow their revenue! . Teaching how to save money and make a lot of money.
  14. Available for work upon request modeling and acting feature films, TV shows, TV commercials and music videos.
  15. Public speaking. Public appearances. (Clubs, events, red carpets …)


Club Annabella has many lucrative projects that they are currently offering to investors. Club Anabella Corp’s NEW investment opportunities portfolio is ready to be seen its full of truly amazing opportunities! Anabella is very intentional in the way she analyzes investment opportunities. Club Anabella Corp only presents investment opportunities to angel investors that have a 10x return potential. Club Anabella has lucrative deals with Netflix, HBO, Disney, Amazon, Showtime, Universal Studios etc. To mention a few.


A new product development deal with Michael Jordan and Nike.

Feature film deals with A list actors and directors already committed to the production including:

Ron Howard, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy, Russel Crowe, Queen Latifa, John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, Alec Baldwin, Eva Mendez and Ice Cube,

Opportunity zone fund that gives an opportunity for those with significant capital gains to avoid taxation and get tax free growth over the next decade while participating in extremely profitable endeavors.



At Club Annabella Corporation, a variety of channels are used to connect talent with investors, including, Club Annabella Experiences, and many more! These one-of-a-kind services and opportunities, that benefit both investors and entrepreneurs, are:

  • Angel Investment Opportunities.
  • Digital Development Productions for Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Disney etc.
  • Brand Ambassador Opportunities.
  • Business Consultant Opportunities for Millionaires and Billionaires.
  • Corporate Identity Consultation, Brand Building and Strategy Sessions.
  • Connections to Celebrities.
  • Club Annabella Experiences: Exclusive parties in Las Vegas and Worldwide that include top DJs, celebrities, and influencers. Parties feature fashion shows, VIP sections and sponsors, with ticket sales funding the event. Promotional Parties and Exclusive Parties, Weekend Getaways at luxury destinations, and Intimate Dinners with influential individuals, with ticket sales again funding the events.
  • Film Production Funding.
  • Fashion Consulting.


Another brilliant tactic that Club Annabella Corporation is taking advantage of to fuel their mission is the Opportunity Zone laws that were passed in 2018. In many cases, this will allow individuals to access the markets they’ve desperately been trying to tap into, as the IRS has reported $6.1 trillion in eligible capital gains that can be invested in qualified opportunity funds. With the incredible magnitude of the market, partnered with the expertise that Club Annabella Corporation brings to this fund, the future is looking extremely bright! For those living in opportunity zones, it is now highly possible to turn a genius idea into a dream come true with the professional guidance of Annabella.

Savvy businesswoman Annabella, who has recently been sought out by Forbes Magazine, is now eager to utilize her connections, celebrity, and knowledge of the industry to match investors with individuals seeking to make the world better, easier, happier, and more entertaining! But the pursuit doesn’t stop there… the Corporation is also looking for opportunities, utilizing their knowledge and wide network, to help end homelessness, empower females, and work towards obtaining world peace. Never before has there been an opportunity like this and a chance to be led by someone so incredibly connected and influential. The time is now to make dreams come true!

The Mission of  Club Annabella Corporation is to make the world a better place, and help people around the world to avoid strife, using connections to politicians and business leaders billionaires and charities around the world combined with AI Anabella and the resources created through all of these successful endeavors.

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