Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s five children, two have followed in his acting footsteps: Patrick Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena. Regarding the latter, you might recall that five years back, Baena recreated one of his father’s most memorable scenes from 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Now, on the set of his new movie, Baena is once again totally channeling the younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, though in a different way.

Joseph Baena is currently working on Bitflix’s Lava, the world’s first fully crypto-funded movie. While no details have been revealed about Lava’s premise or who Baena is playing, the actor shared a picture of himself on Instagram during filming in Honolulu, Hawaii, and he looks like if his father had been pulled from decades past into the present. See for yourself!

Remember when The Terminator’s eponymous antagonist arrived in 1984 from the future sans clothes and immediately ready to start hunting down Sarah Connor? Other than Joseph Baena wearing shorts in this picture, that’s the same kind of vibe I’m getting here. Or, if you prefer, you could imagine that Baena is trying to emulate his father’s version of Conan the Barbarian, albeit with shorter hair. In any case, the guy is ripped, and it’ll be interesting to learn what exactly what he’s doing in Lava.

Lava is just one of the many projects Jospeh Baena has coming up, with others including Scam Squad, Chariot, Encounters and Bully High. He also shared a picture of himself back in May while shirtless riding a horse that served as a pretty good case for why he should star in a Western. With Arnold Schwarzenegger still in the acting game and Patrick Schwarzenegger building his own filmography, I wonder if there will come a day when Baena gets to act alongside with his father or half-brother. Going a step further, could we one day see him take on one of his father’s roles in an official remake/reboot? We shall see, though I could certainly see him playing a Terminator model.

Speaking of killer robots, Arnold Schwarzenegger last played a T-800 in 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fate, and his upcoming projects include Kung Fury 2, Triplets (which will see him and Danny DeVito working with Tracy Morgan) and a yet-to-be-titled TV series that’s described as a “global spy adventure.” Looking to his personal life, Schwarzenegger penned a sweet tribute to Joseph Baena last month for his 24th birthday, and Baena joined his siblings in wishing their father a happy 74th birthday back in July.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on the Schwarzenegger family’s acting endeavors. In the meantime, catch up to speed on movies arriving in the near future with our 2021 release schedule and 2022 release schedule.

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