Shar Moore – The Freedom In Feminessence

It takes grit, passion, and the overwhelming desire for change for someone to step away from ancient traditions and to pave the way for others to do the same. Shar Moore is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Feminessence Magazine, TV Show Host at The Girlfriend Hour as well as a multi-international award winning mentor and TEDx speaker.

Through Sharanis Publishing House, co-founded by Shar and her husband, Russ, they profile people in business across Australia, the people behind the brands defining moments in their lives, and the journeys that have led to where they are today.

But where exactly did the word feminessence come from? To explain, let’s start at the beginning of Shar’s journey and how she stepped into her feminessence. Speaking with Rhonda of The Rhonda Swan Show, Shar shared her pivotal moments. At 11-years-old, pre-arranged to be married to a man 9 years her senior, Shar was raised to sit in the background and to stifle any opinions she had. She was taught that her life had already been planned and that her beliefs did not matter.

While many moments over the course of her life gave her the strength to step into her true self, the one that started it all was when her step-father asked her at 15-years-old “what do you want?”. He had just found out about the engagement and for Shar, no one had ever paused to ask her anything that required her to vocalise a life other than what she had been taught was there for her. It was that moment that made her go “Oh! Hang on a minute. Does that mean I can actually choose my path?”

The other came through an employer who shifted her away from her given name by asking to call her Shar instead of Sharon, birthing an entirely new persona in her mind, one that was capable of being much more than the little Indian girl born in Thailand with a future grounded in being a housewife.

The last came while being married when she woke at 3am, and woke her now husband of 30 years, and began sharing a movement and a message of helping women to connect to their feminine essence. But, in that place between sleep and wake, she blurred the word into feminessence and the rest is history.

A movement created around helping women to share and grow their journeys, from a woman whose own path is one of growth and self-discovery. Breaking away from a stereotype and shining a light so that others may realise their dreams, Shar Moore’s story and hopes are without bounds.

“I truly believe that the women that are going to take us forward as a society and in humanity are the women who link arms with other women. I truly believe that we’re in a time that the women who connect with others and find the greatness and the feminessence within them, and then go out and sing their praises and shine their light to others, these are the women that in 10 years, people will be writing books about.” – Shar Moore

The Rhonda Swan Show is ‘The Room’ for impactful, inspiring and educational conversations and interviews from those who have dared to follow their dreams, straight into the ears, minds and hearts of those with big ambition. That’s YOU!

Best Selling Author, International Speaker and World-Renowned Online Brand Strategist, Rhonda Swan is the Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency and is dedicated to helping people turn their passions and dreams into a tangible and sexy reality.

Once we were wild, this is the time to re-wild ourselves. To return to our fierceness and truest form and expression as women, come be wild with us.

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This Episode is jam packed with pure light along the leadership path.

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