SWA Diamond Ring Guinness World Record
Image: SWA Diamond

How many diamonds can fit in a single ring? The answer is 24,679, according to the new Guinness World Records Book.

SWA Diamonds, an Indian-based jewellery company, set the record with their impressive design in May. Shaped to mimic a pink oyster mushroom, the ring represents immortality and longevity. Its computer-generated design took nearly three months for SWA Diamonds to complete before starting the build for the ring. After meticulous research and consideration, the ring was created by pouring gold into a plastic mould in order to form the 41 unique mushroom petals before adorning it with natural diamonds by hand.

SWA Diamond Ring Guinness World Record
Image: SWA Diamond

“There is no greater joy than to live your dreams the way you were meant to. Our team feels accomplished and satisfied after knowing we have earned a new Guinness World Records title,” says Abdul Gafar Anadiyan, SWA Diamond’s managing director.

While the number of carats were not specified, it was revealed that the ring weighs in at 340 grams and is valued at US$95,243. A team of independent gemologists verified the ring; evaluating and confirming the stone’s weight, carat, clarity, type and cut.

The ring was also given a name, “The Touch of Ami”. Anadiyan continued, “It marks the triumph of entrepreneurship in the diamond sector of our state.”

The Indian Gems and Jewellery sector is one of the largest in the world, contributing around 29 per cent to the global jewellery consumption. Diamonds are India’s third-largest source of export revenue, earning the country US$16 billion in 2020. Nine out of every ten diamonds in the world journey through India, and the city of Surat, perched on the country’s Arabian Sea coast, where most of them are cut and polished. Filled with talented jewellers, it is no doubt that three of the previous world records were set by jewellers located in India.

Harshit Bansal Meerut Diamond Ring Guiness World Record
Image: Guinness World Records

Harshit Bansal, founder of Renani Jewels in Meerut, India, was given the title on 21 December, 2020. The ring, named the Marigold, or “The Ring of Prosperity”, has a circular band with an ornate floral design, complete with 12,638 diamonds of 38.08 carat natural diamonds.

Lakshikaa Jewels Mumbai Guinness World Records Diamond Ring
Image: Lakshikaa Jewels

Previously, in 2019, Lakshikaa Jewels from Mumbai, India, created an eye-catching ring over 18 months with 7,777 diamonds on an 18k fold base. It’s been valued at US$4.9 million and was meticulously crafted by a team of twelve crafters and one experienced jeweller and designer to recreate the Lotus Temple in Delhi on a piece of jewellery.

Richa Singh, Managing Director of India’s Diamond Producers Association quoted, “Diamonds have a very deep connection to the history, culture and fashion of India. We will continue to be innovative and daring in the path of jewellery crafting.”

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