When it comes to romance stories, usually “happily ever after” is the end… right? Fans of the After movies have long been told that the upcoming 2022 movie After Ever Happy starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford would be the end of the line for the actors and the main franchise based on Anna Todd’s bestselling novels. That’s no longer the case, as we’ve learned there’s a fifth After movie called After Everything, and we’re all very confused. 

Ahead of After Ever Happy heading to theaters in just a couple weeks, Hero Fiennes Tiffin officially announced that he just wrapped filming another After movie. Check out exactly how the actor surprised fans on the franchise’s official Instagram page: 

Tiffin has clearly been keeping this secret for some time given that the movie was not announced prior to production. The actor has already finished his work on the film and we had no idea it was even happening?!? A ton of questions were posed in the comments section of the announcement, such as user softscline saying this: 

i cried sfm thinking that this would be the last movie :’)

The caption of the post says “Hessa’s story isn’t over.” However, as fans of the books will know, their story does in fact end with After Ever Happy. It is possible that the romance could go on in a different format than the books. Perhaps it’s how niicole.p_ questioned it? 

So this is part 2 to after ever happy?

I’ll be honest here… I don’t know. It is possible that they filmed After Ever Happy and decided they could tell more of the story through two movies; unless it’s going to tell something completely new fans have yet to read in Anna Todd’s books. It’s clearly confusing fans, as Mrs.k.craft posed this question: 

I’m sorry, WHAT? Is this the prequel?!

Last year, it was announced that there was a prequel After movie in development along with a sequel. The prequel would explore Hero’s earlier life, while the sequel would be about a much older Tessa and Hardin and their kids. (Langford and Tiffin even gave us their picks for their older selves). Considering the title, it seems as though this newest movie will be a straight sequel. However, given Tiffin gave the announcement on his own, fans are worried Langford is not in the movie. For example, Claragalle_x said: 

Jo better be in it otherwise we don’t want it!!

Although Josephine Langford was not alongside Tiffin to make the announcement, the actress is tagged in the post. Also, if Hessa is mentioned in the announcement, I wouldn’t worry to much about Langford being absent from After Everything

From what we know, Anna Todd is longer going to be involved in additional After movies, but we also thought Hero Fiennes Tiffin was moving on from Hardin with roles such as The Woman King. Perhaps we’ll have more answers once After Ever Happy hits theaters in all territories on September 7. 

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