Jonathan Majors Had A Sweet Take When He Learned He’d Broken The Internet With His Ripped Physique


When it comes to Hollywood stars, Jonathan Majors is huge – both figuratively and literally. The actor had already been racking up high-profile film and TV roles, but he made an even bigger splash when he revealed the shredded bod he built up for his role in Creed 3. At the time, Majors unequivocally broke the Internet, with many commentators sharing some truly thirsty responses to the pics. Now, over a month later, Majors is sharing how he reacted to the buzz, and the star had a pretty sweet take on the matter. 

It was in early October that Men’s Health released its cover story on Jonathan Majors and revealed just how ripped he got for the Creed threequel. The reactions were likely hilarious to many of us who surf the web, but one has to wonder how the celebrity at the center of it felt about all of the hoopla. Well, it sounds like Majors pretty much took it in stride. However, he wasn’t as much phased by the praise he was getting as much as he was surprised by the shout-out that someone close to him received amid the buzz:

My team was like, ‘You know, broke the internet?,’ and I thought, ‘Okay, that’s pretty cool. I don’t have social media or anything like that, but my sister sent me a clip from some talk show that was thanking my mother for blessing the world with a son with such a physique. And I always think it’s cool when my mom gets wrangled into something positive in that way.

You can’t help but get a warm feeling when reading the comments that the Last Black Man in San Francisco star shared during his interview with People. The fact that he took more pleasure in the praise being aimed at his mother really speaks to his character. We all owe our lives to our mothers, and a number of people would probably feel the same way if their mama was mentioned in that context.

Jonathan Majors’ bod will be on full display when he appears in Creed III and, honestly, both he and actor/director Michael B. Jordan already look massive in the film’s posters. The movie will see Jordan’s Adonis Creed reunite with Majors’ Damien, an old friend and ex-con. While the two seemingly rekindle their friendship early on, they eventually come to blows when Damien tries to earn his shot in the professional boxing game. Majors says that his character’s body is linked to trauma, and that’s sure to add a compelling layer to the highly anticipated movie. 

Though Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut is the movie he bulked up for, the 33-year-old Lovecraft Country alum also had a serious workout regimen for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The actor would apparently wake up at 4:30 a.m. to head to the gym and would later return for another workout at 7 a.m. The mere thought of such a schedule is enough to make most people tired, though not many of us are Hollywood actors who put in the time and dedication for such things. 

There’s no doubt that Jonathan Majors will crush it when in both Creed III and Ant-Man 3, as he’s steadily proving that he’s one of the entertainment industry’s most versatile performers. Majors deserves a lot of credit but, while you enjoy his work and impressive abs, just remember that his mother and father deserve their fair share of credit for giving him life.

Jonathan Majors can currently be seen in Devotion, which is now playing in theaters. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opens on February 17 and Creed III releases on March 3 as part of the 2023 movie schedule.

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