Haymarket, a Chicago-based independent nonprofit book publisher, is offering free Black History books to combat book bans and the attack on education coming from the right. The publishing company released a statement February 2nd stating how they stand in solidarity with those in Florida and across the U.S. who are fighting book bans and education censorship.

They especially want to connect with people in Florida to help distribute books to younger people without access because of the Ron DeSantis-led assault on education, the consequences of which have included the College Board severely limiting their AP African American studies course, and schools removing books from libraries.

A Tweet listing the Black authors removed from the College Board’s AP African American studies course in 2023

Eve L. Ewing, one of the authors whose book is being offered for free from Haymarket, had this to say about the recent censorship:

“Black people have always figured out ways to teach our history in spaces beneath, beyond, and betwixt the machinations of people like Ron DeSantis. The only thing he ever got right in his life was understanding how insurgent our stories really are, how threatening to the status quo of a nation built on theft.”

The books being offered by Haymarket:

From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Black Lives Matter at School by Jesse Hagopian and Denisha Jones

1919 by Eve L. Ewing

If you’d like to help Haymarket in their efforts to fight censorship, you can donate here.

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