Lourdes Bigio: Announcing Cafe Con Lourdes

Mostly known by her nickname Sunydew and as the CEO of the long running entertainment and lifestyle magazine “What’s Happening Now?” New York Magazine and host of the on-going radio show “What’s Happening Now?” New York Radio Show. Lourdes Bigio has just announced the inauguration of her new endeavor, a Latino themed FILM podcast named “Cafe Con Lourdes” set to begin airing shortly. The premise of her Latin Cultured podcast is to enjoy a cup of coffee which the guest has to bring and to embrace everything Latin.

Lourdes is also an award-winning film producer, screenwriter and director for her short film “Love Is Love.” She is also the owner of Sunydew Ent., an entertainment company helping artists reach their goals through her unique management skills.

We congratulate Lourdes on all her accomplishments and wish her the best of luck with Cafe Con Lourdes which will be located in the prime and iconic Soho area of New York City….

You’ve been a part of the entertainment industry for a while now with your own magazine, radio show, artist promotions, etc…so what inspired your new upcoming podcast?  

Wow!!  Where do I begin?  Ok so I had always wanted to do a podcast but wasn’t sure which direction I was heading because I had so many different ideas, until one morning I decided to get my own coffee cart and boom that’s when I saw the light.

What will be the premise of the podcast and do you have a name for it?

Oh yes,  the name is called Cafe Con Lourdes, which means Coffee with Lourdes. I LOVE COFFEE and it brings me comfort.

Which also means to be a guest on my podcast you will have to bring me Cafe/Coffee, so we will drink coffee while discussing the Latin culture and if you don’t drink coffee then you can add a beverage to the mug.

Also, the podcast will be a FILM PODCAST not just a regular podcast.

What kind of impact are you hoping to have in the Latino community with your podcast?

I’m hoping that we can embrace our Latin heritage, Unite, support each other and not just when there is a festival/events.  

What type of guests will you be showcasing?

All types of guest such as entrepreneurs, artists, actors, etc.. so long as they have a Latin background.

What is your vision for the conversations you hope to have with your guests?

Jokes & laughter, having fun , music, their Latin culture and a whole bunch of other topics that they might feel is lacking within their culture.

What is it like to be a Latino female in the entertainment industry and how do you hope to encourage Latino artists generally?

I hope to encourage Latino artists to embrace who they are and add it to their music. I notice that there is a lot of Hip Hop Latino artist, but you will never know because they never mention their culture or add that spice that we Latinos have lol…

As for myself being a Latina female in this industry has been kind of hard. Believe it or not I have struggle to fit in and get accepted within my own culture sad to say … you will hear me talk about it on my podcast .. after 20 years I am finally getting invited to certain Latin festivities in this industry . So this podcast means a lot to me.

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