The Ekster Solution: What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet in 2023

Seeing as you’re here, chances are you’re no stranger to the wallet hide-and-seek championship. And if you’re anything like me, you’re getting a little fed up of continuously canceling cards and applying for a new driving license.

But fear not—you’re in the right place. Together we’re going to transform your forgetful fumble into a victory lap.

Meet Ekster’s AirTag wallet, the superhero your absent-minded antics have been waiting for. An everyday essential for those who have lost their wallet while traveling (or in the back of an Uber), this ingenious solution will help you kiss goodbye to evenings spent searching the back of the couch.

Keep reading as I explore the mystical world of lost wallets, share a chuckle or two about our collective absentmindedness, and focus on the key products that are here to save the day.

Key Takeaways

In the saturated sphere of accessory brands, Ekster stands out like a diamond in a sea of pebbles. Offering more than a mere product, everything they do centers around the desire to get the most out of your day. Need something to carry your laptop? Check. How about a wallet that sticks to your phone? They’ve got it.

But while I could spend all day talking about Ekster’s impressive selection of accessories, for this article I shall be focusing specifically on the AirTag wallet—ensuring you never lose your cash and cards again. Join me as I take a closer look at this modern must-have and help you understand what happens if you lose your wallet and how to get it back.

Eksters Best Products to Keep Your Possessions Safe

The Ekster Solution: What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet in 2023
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There’s only so many bifolds a man can burn through until he gets bored. At least that was the case for Ekster founders, and 22-year-old Dutch students, Oliver and Rick. After meeting during a Fulbright scholarship in the US, they grew sick of the sight of the everyday wallet and believed it was about time guys had access to something a little more modern.

Not just content on creating a new concept and brand, they wanted it to be sustainable—making a positive impact on men’s daily lives, while having the smallest impact on the planet. What started as a mission to upgrade the traditional leather wallet, has now grown to an uber-impressive collection of essentials from camera cases to cardholders (and of course, the AirTag wallet).

How to Determine If Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen

While it’s important to act fast, things may not be as bad as they first seem.The first step in dealing with a lost wallet is to determine whether it was lost or stolen. If you misplaced your wallet, it’s likely that you will find it soon.

However, if your wallet was stolen, you need to take different steps to protect yourself from identity theft. To decide if your wallet has been snatched, here are some signs to look out for:

  • You notice unauthorized charges on your credit card or bank account.
  • You receive notifications of credit applications or loans that you did not apply for.
  • You receive calls from debt collectors about debts that you did not incur.

What to Do If You Lose Your Wallet

After blaming your partner and checking the trash can, there are some more level-headed steps you should take before having a toddler-inspired meltdown.

  • Check your surroundings. Don’t panic. That’s not going to help anyone or make your wallet magically appear. Check your surroundings to see if you’ve simply misplaced it at home. Look in your car, bag, and coat pockets. If you still can’t find it, move calmly on to the next step.
  • Cancel your credit cards. Call your credit card companies and report your cards as lost or stolen. They will cancel your cards and issue new ones.
  • File a police report. If you suspect that your wallet was stolen, you should file a police report. This will help you recover your stolen wallet and protect yourself from identity theft. This step isn’t necessary if you believe you have simply lost your wallet on a bus or during a night on the town.
  • Notify your bank. If your wallet contains your checkbook or bank account information, it’s a good idea to notify your bank immediately. They can monitor your account for suspicious activity.
  • Replace your driver’s license. If your driver’s license was in your wallet, you’re going to need a new one pretty soon. You can do this by visiting your local DMV.

The Solution(s)

Losing your wallet happens to the best of us. But finding it again shouldn’t be so hard. With Ekster’s AirTag wallet and tracker card, you don’t need to lose all hope of seeing your credit cards again.

Hand holding Ekster airtag wallet

Cleverly designed to hold your AirTag tracker (plus cards and bills), it allows you to find or ring your wallet from anywhere in the world. And as if that wasn’t enough, the wallet’s contents can be quickly fanned out via the click of the button, making fumbling for plastic a thing of the past.

Hands holding Ekster tracking card and phone with tracking map

With Ekster’s tracker card, you can pop it into a wallet (or cardholder) you already own and easily locate it via the two-way ringing feature. While it’s not going to stop theft, it’s ideal for anyone who makes a habit of misplacing their stuff. Better yet, it’s solar-powered and only takes three hours of sunlight to provide up to two months of charge.

Other Ekster Solutions to Keeping Your Prized Possesions Safe

Hands displaying Ekster Bifold

Remember when I told you Ekster was fed up with boring bifold wallets? Well, here’s their version that puts the old guys to shame. Ideal for those who want to carry more (without unnecessary bulk), it comes with a removable magnetic card sleeve, plus space for up to 12 cards and a bunch of bills. It’s made from environmentally-certified leather and finished with subtle branding for a classy touch.

Ekster Carbon Fiber Wallet with iPhone, watch and laptop

Personally, I like to travel as light as possible—often choosing the slender card holder over a bulky wallet. So, excuse me if I sound a little biased when I say you NEED to invest in this carbon fiber beauty.

Built for easy access, it fans out your plastic at the click of a button and slips into your pocket as if it wasn’t there. The RFID-blocking tech keeps you safe from fraud, while the unbreakable construction is a godsend for fumbling fingers.

Ekster Tech organization case

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, keeping your tech safe is always one of your main priorities—followed closely behind by finding good coffee, of course.

And while Ekster doesn’t have any recommendations for the best flat white, they do have this water-resistant case that’ll hold your EarPods, chargers, and more. The stretch mesh pockets keep everything secure and the rugged padding offers protection from any unexpected falls or knocks.

Ekster key tracker

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend more time looking for your keys than you do relaxing on the sofa. Ekster has a solution, allowing you to finally sit down instead of frantically running around your house and rummaging through the trash can.

Designed to fit perfectly inside the Ekster key holder, this bite-sized key finder helps you locate your keys using your phone, Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. Better yet, it has a built-in LED light to help you find the right key, plus a button that can help you get the perfect group selfie.

Final Verdict

From their ingenious backpacks that elevate functionality to minimalist cardholders that redefine sophistication, Ekster has seamlessly blended form and function. But the allure isn’t just in their innovative designs; it’s in the way they’ve transformed everyday essentials into tools that adapt to the modern lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a new place to keep your cash or a bag to accompany you on the commute, Ekster’s accessories act as a daily reminder that style and substance need not be mutually exclusive. Don’t forget, if you’re serious about never losing your wallet again, the AirTag wallet and tracker card are essential investments for your daily arsenal.

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