If you haven’t heard yet (and seriously…how?), 9-1-1 has moved on over to ABC, and the new season is just around the corner.

9-1-1 Season 7 is poised to set sail on March 14, 2024. And we mean that quite literally, as the early promotion is teasing a ship disaster of epic proportions.

While little is known about the new season outside of a potentially deadly cruise ship emergency, we started to think about what these new episodes could bring for our favorite first responders. And we’ve got a lot of thoughts about what could be on the horizon!

9-1-1 is known for the dramatics and the heartfelt, and we would expect nothing less from this new season, even with the move to a new network.

We already know where the drama may start (hint: big ship going down), but there’s a lot of season beyond the first big boom.

A Thrilling Opening Emergency

9-1-1 is known for over-the-top explosive emergencies, especially over the first few episodes of a season.

To this day, the tsunami arc during 9-1-1 Season 3 remains a masterful piece of work not typically seen on network television.

We’ve also seen earthquakes, mudslides, and zoo animals run amok to begin the season, and now we’re looking at a cruise ship disaster.

These early emergencies have seen the first responders involved directly in them or arriving to aid in the rescue.

While the early previews here don’t make it completely clear which one we’ll be seeing, we can’t forget 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 18 ended with Bobby and Athena set to depart on their long overdue cruise vacation.

Now, it’s easy to put two and two together here and assume the beloved Bathena will be on the cruise.

If we had any doubts, the latest clip, seen below, shows Athena’s badge sinking in the water along with possessions from others.


Assuming Bathena is on the cruise ship (and we are doing that), we can see from the short teasers that the boat appears to be headed for land before it goes down, so will the 118 be called to help facilitate rescues?

And if so, what will happen when the 118 realize two of their own are amongst those needing help?

9-1-1 continually excels during these high-pressure rescues, mixing action, emotion, and even some humor into traumatic scenes that show the fragility of life and the courage of those who step up to help in challenging moments.

A cruise disaster is a big undertaking, but the series has proven repeatedly that it shines in the big moments

Let Madney Be Happy

Maddie and Chimney have been through the wringer since they met during 9-1-1 Season 2. And while they’re engaged now, with a beautiful family and home to boot, we can’t help but be a little nervous about what’s ahead.

It’s understandable to see characters have obstacles. This is television, after all. But at times, it’s felt like Maddie and Chimney can’t catch a break.

They’re finally in a place where the happiness is overflowing, and we’d love to see their wedding come to fruition without any significant hiccups.

We got all the hiccups we could stand when Chimney “lost” the engagement ring during 9-1-1 Season 6 and everything that ensued when he decided that Maddie was the person he wanted to spend his life with.

We’ve seen weddings interrupted by emergencies, and we’ve seen weddings between the characters, notably Athena and Bobby, and Hen and Karen’s vow renewal. While both were sweet affairs, they were also much too brief.

Madney is a beautiful couple that deserves their happy ending, and we deserve to see some of it in the form of their emergency-free wedding.

Family At The Forefront

While it’s unclear how many episodes the season will have, we know that due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, this will be a shortened season due to the very late winter start.

With fewer hours to devote to storylines, there may be little time to invest in many new storylines if they want to get everything wrapped within the season. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be time for a lot of new stories, especially those carrying over from last season.

We already discussed Madney and our dreams for a picturesque wedding day, but we hope to see continued movement with Hen and Karen and their decision to adopt.

Much like Madney, we’ve witnessed Henren maneuver through many ups and downs, but they also ended 9-1-1 Season 6 in a good place. We’d like to see some forward momentum there and continued joy for their family.

Basically, give us all the family feels with the Wilsons and all the other families.

Obviously, this won’t be a conflict-free affair, but in a shortened season, we’d love to see more highs than lows.

Give Us All The Dynamics

Keeping up with the theme of happiness we’d like to see sprinkled within the chaos that will surely come, we need more of the core dynamics put on display.

When you think 9-1-1, surely you think of some of the wackier moments and maybe even some of the sadder ones, too, but the characters are what make the series one of the best on television.

The series has some amazing relationships, both romantic and otherwise, and through the seasons, we’ve seen enjoyable pairings between unexpected characters that don’t usually get to interact much, which has only strengthened the story.

So give us the dynamics! Both old and new.

With a wedding on the horizon, it would be great to see Hen and Chimney navigating that affair, as well as Chimney being a good ear for Hen as she and Karen look to expand their family.

They are the OG best friends with a special bond, and with both of their lives set to change again, it should be a time to confide in someone who knows you best.

And speaking of special bonds, let’s get more Buck and Eddie just being Buck and Eddie. There’s a reason the pairing is so beloved, and it’s because you can feel their connection.

So give the people what they want in the form of more Buck and Eddie, perhaps in something a little lighthearted.

Even though we love those signature pairs, we’ll take all the different dynamics the show offers.

Athena running a little late from work for her girls’ night with Hen? No worries! We’d love to see Hen and Bobby chat over a cheese board on the patio.

Does Chimney need a drink and a night out to catch a baseball game? Maybe he and Eddie can go to the local watering hole, blow off some steam, and talk about whatever’s happening with them.

The possibilities are endless with such a deep cast of colorful characters and their tremendous chemistry.

Keep The Clever Emergencies Coming

It’s not as if we’re in danger of not seeing emergencies; this is a series titled 9-1-1.

We hope the new season will bring another batch of quirky and downright shocking calls and rescues.

9-1-1 is approaching 100 episodes, a miraculous feat in today’s television landscape, and the sheer magnitude of the emergencies hasn’t abated, and we don’t expect it to slow down any time soon.

The series also has a way of crafting entertainment with inspiration from real-life disasters, and it’s always interesting to try connecting the story to a news piece we might have read along the way.

While the characters are the heartbeat that makes everything tick, the rescues and witnessing them through the emergency personnel, from the time that call picks up to the time someone gets loaded into an ambulance, are what makes the show appointment viewing.

You can watch 9-1-1 Season 7 when it premieres at 8 pm on ABC on March 14.

And we’ll be covering the series as we always do! But in the meantime, you can catch up with all our past 9-1-1 reviews, too!

What are you looking forward to with the new season and the move to ABC?

What pairings do you think 9-1-1 should explore?

Let us know in the comments below, and here’s another tease to keep the excitement flowing!

Whitney Evans is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on X.

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