Can we please collectively agree to dump all of the useless totes we’ve been hoarding and invest in one of the best tote bags for men? Not the flimsy see-through kind that collects dust on the floor of your closet, but ones you’ll actually want to take to the store, to work, to the beach, and beyond.

Men’s tote bags are the solution to every modern problem. They’re a stylish accessory that transcends occasion, season, and setting. Stuff them full of office essentials or pack for a trip without being fussed with rolling luggage. No matter how you choose to sport a men’s tote bag, they’re among the most dependable pieces of gear anyone can own. Extra props if you choose one that looks as slick as it functions.

Keep reading to discover the best tote bag for men, plus more options that will always ensure you have a trusty carryall on hand.

Key Takeaways

The best tote bag for men expands far past the freebies you’ve picked up over the years, and from my experience, as a frequent tote bag user and one who has done all the hard research for you, the top option is the Rains Tote Bag. It’s waterproof, has several carry options, and is impossibly spacious, making it ideal for work, travel, or running errands. If you’re shopping on a budget, the Lands’ End Natural Canvas Tote Bag is among the most classic options and the most rugged, too.

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Rains Tote Bag

Why It’s Great: While Rains is best known for its pared-back commuter backpacks, the brand also makes some of the best tote bags for men. Kitted out with an ultra-functional design, waterproof exterior, and plenty of room for all your goods, the Rains Tote Bag is ready to handle anything life throws its way.

How to Use It: Available in three sizes, this tote bag offers unparalleled versatility. Aside from the top shoulder straps, the tote has a detachable crossbody strap and a side grab handle to give you ample options for carrying the bag. Finished with a zip closure to protect the spacious interior, there’s no better companion for the office, grocery store, or quick trips out of town.

Who Is This For? This tote bag really is for everybody. The generous size makes it stellar for work commutes, and the cavernous interior denotes it as the perfect shopping sack or gym bag. It can even fit enough clothes for a few days away, easily replacing beat-up duffel bags.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: This bag doesn’t offer much in terms of organization aside from a single zippered pocket. If you prefer an option with additional pockets, the Rains Texel Tote is a solid alternative with two external zippered pockets, a trolly sleeve, and backpack straps, in addition to tote handles on top of the bag.

Dimensions: 17.7 H x 17.3 W x 4.7 D inches | Capacity: 23.8 liters | Material: Polyester with polyurethane coating | Colors Available: 2

Lands’ End Natural Canvas Tote Bag

Why It’s Great: There’s something so timeless about Lands’ End canvas totes. One look and you’re instantly somewhere sunny – the beach, a farmer’s market, Central Park on a bluebird day, the two-toned tote overflowing with picnic supplies and summery spoils. This bag is the quintessential option for every activity worthy of a tote. They last forever, have such a classic look, and are sturdier than just about any other bag on the market, considering they’re tested to hold up to 500 pounds before reaching a breaking point.

How to Use It: This is one of the best tote bags to keep around because it always comes in handy. Use it for grocery shopping, transporting goods, and even as carry-on luggage for travel. The reinforced handles offer plenty of support, interior compartments make it easy to stay organized, and the exterior slip pocket is ideal for a phone or wallet.

Who Is This For? An effortless emblem of American prep, this bag is for anyone who needs a strong carryall that won’t wimp out on you when fully loaded. It bypasses trends and seasons, making it a mainstay for all guys who own one.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: This tote comes in multiple sizes, though some don’t include a zippered closure.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 17 x 6 inches | Capacity: ~35 liters | Material: Cotton canvas | Colors Available: 10+

Mimso Shopper Tote Bag

Why It’s Great: Mismo makes a range of tote bags in a huge selection of sizes and colors. However, the Shopper is the brand’s iconic mainstay, a classic in any lineup, and a highly versatile option. Decked out with tactical fabric that offers superior durability, this tote is waterproof to protect your spoils on a commute and beyond. Pretty much the perfect daily bag finished off with leather details and brass hardware.

How to Use It: Aside from being devastatingly stylish, the bag offers two carry methods: grab handles and a shoulder strap, along with plenty of room for everyday essentials and a small internal pocket for a phone.

Who Is This For? Ideal for the guy who’s looking for an alternative to a backpack for work or as a trusty substitute for plastic bags while running errands. For business or pleasure, this is one of the best tote bags.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: Quality craftsmanship and premium materials come at a price… and it ain’t cheap. However, if you’re looking for an everyday tote that will hold up better than the flimsy numbers you’ve accumulated over the years, this bag is an apt investment well worth the cost.

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 3 inches | Capacity: 15 liters | Material: Cotton and nylon blended canvas, leather trim | Colors Available: 10+

Baggu Cloud Bag

Why It’s Great: Baggu is no stranger to reusable bags, and the Cloud tote is a simple solution to ensure you always have one on hand. Made from heavyweight recycled nylon, the bag has a sturdy feel with a large interior to load and go. Though the best part may be that this tote is machine washable, so if it collects dirt from fresh veggies, city streets, or sitting in the park, throw it in with your next load of laundry, and it’ll be as good as new.

How to Use It: Fold it up and stick it in your car or coat pocket to always have a sack on hand when you need it. As one of the best tote bags, it can be used effortlessly in just about any situation. When it’s unfolded, the storage pouch snaps into the interior of the bag to create a separate pocket. After it’s served its purpose, fold the bag up and stick it back in the pouch for safekeeping.

Who is This For? This tote is best for the guy on the go. Since it packs into such a small pouch, it’s easy to keep it on hand, whether you’re running errands or taking it on a trip to use as an extra bag for souvenirs.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: When snapping the pouch to the interior of the bag, it can come loose, making it tricky to use it as an internal pocket.

Dimensions: 13.8 x 12.8 (bottom), 21 (top) x 8 inches | Capacity: ~26 liters | Material: Recycled heavyweight nylon | Colors Available: 1

Bellroy Tokyo Tote

Why It’s Great: This bag is the gold standard when it comes to laptop totes. I nabbed it from my dad the last time I went to visit and have used it often while on the go. The main benefit is that it fits a 13” laptop in a padded compartment and has way more internal organization than any other tote bag on this list (or maybe any tote bag ever?). The interior is lined with pockets surrounding a roomy main compartment, giving everything from snacks to tech its own designated spot.

How to Use It: A fun feature of this men’s tote bag is it has dual collapsible pockets on either side of the bag. You can pull them open to fit a water bottle, umbrella, or other items you may want to keep separate. When not in use, the pockets lay flat, lending additional space to the center compartment. There’s also an exterior slip pocket to stash your phone or other items you may want quick access to. Use it for work, overnight getaways, or as a personal item on a flight.

Who Is This For? Choose this bag if you’re looking for a sophisticated tote with plenty of structure, organization, and room for a computer.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: This is one of the best tote bags for men because it can fit a ton. But with a fully packed load, complete with a laptop, it can get pretty heavy to carry on one shoulder. There’s also no trolley sleeve for attaching it to a roller bag. Due to this, I switched to Bellroy’s Tokyo Totepack, which is a backpack-tote bag hybrid. I chose the classic Tokyo Tote for this list because it’s more of a traditional tote bag than the Totepack. And while the Totepack has top carry handles, I only use them when standing on the Metro; the rest of the time, I wear it as a backpack.

Dimensions: 14 x 18.5 x 5 inches | Capacity: 15 liters | Material: Water-resistant fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles | Colors Available: 5

Axel Arigato Oceane Knitted Shopper

Why It’s Great: A modern update for the classic mesh shopping bag, Axel Arigato has swapped the string for yarn and created a knit rendition. This is among the best tote bags for men seeking a touch of class, a dab of sophistication, and a tried and true style. While there’s not much to write home about, aside from the contrast stitching and the brand’s signature script logo, it’s certainly one way to make a statement, from the beach all the way to the urban streets.

How to Use It: Load this tote with daily essentials or take it on shopping excursions. The sturdy knit handles sit softly on a shoulder, while the bag itself is large enough for a book and blanket or anything you may pick up on a jaunt around town.

Who is This For? This tote bag is for the contemporary gentleman seeking something simple yet upscale. This bag screams silent luxury and is the ultimate accessory for any sleek outfit, especially during summer.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: More for fashion than practical purposes, this tote is more fragile than your classic canvas or cotton bag. Due to the knit construction, you’ll want to treat it with care. Overloading it may cause it to lose shape, so stick to lighter items rather than stuffing it full.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 13.4 x 2.4 inches | Capacity: ~8 liters | Material: Cotton knit | Colors Available: 2

Epperson Mountaineering Climb Tote Bag

Why It’s Great: No one does practicality quite like rock climbers, so this option is a welcome addition to the best tote bags for men. Simple yet highly functional, the devil’s in the details with this bag, complete with a rugged, water-resistant fabric, a drawstring closure, and attachment points to clip gear to the front of the tote.

How to Use It: Load your gear into the spacious interior and tuck smaller items into the sealed inner compartment. When the bag is loaded, pull the drawstrings on either side of the bag and then secure it with the snap closure. This system is super unique and definitely outshines open totes or types of bags that close with a zipper.

Who is This For? Inspired heavily by climbing aesthetic, this tote bag is highly stylish without sacrificing practicality. This is one of the best men’s tote bags for guys seeking a lightweight carryall that won’t break down after a few uses. Designed to endure even the toughest conditions, this may very well be the last tote bag you ever buy.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: While the Cordura nylon fabric is treated to be water resistant, the lack of a zipper closure may allow some water to infiltrate during heavy rain. If the red is a bit too bold for your taste, the Climb Tote also comes in all black.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches | Capacity: 14 liters | Material: 1000D cordura nylon | Colors Available: 4

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Buying Considerations for the Best Tote Bags for Men


Tote bags often have a standard size of 15.5 (height) by 13.5 (width) by 4 (depth) inches, which roughly equates to thirteen liters of internal capacity. The standard tote size generally accommodates daily essentials like books, basic tech, an extra layer, and even a small laptop. However, you’ll quickly realize that tote bags come in all shapes and sizes, catering to specific needs.

If you’re searching for a tote bag for work, choose one between 15 and 25 liters to ensure you have enough space for your supplies (this is about the same size as standard work backpacks). Tote bags for leisure can stick to the smaller side (under 15 liters), while it’s nice to have a larger tote bag for travel, the beach, or running errands with – around 35 liters is the sweet spot, which equates to one large paper bag full of groceries (as seen in the Land’s End canvas tote).

Size ultimately boils down to personal preference and intended use for the bag.


Tote bag material contributes to the overall look of the bag but also to its durability and endurance. Flimsy tote bags are typically made from low-quality cotton that can’t bear heavy loads. However, the tote bags on this list all use upgraded materials to ensure they stand the test of time and can carry all you need for the day.

The most heavy-duty tote bags are made from canvas, which is remarkably strong and dependable. Canvas tote bags won’t wimp out on you, no matter how stuffed they get.

Some tote bags also feature weather-resistant material, like coated polyester, which is a reliable option for commuting or damper climates. This also gives the tote a sleek appearance.

Regardless of the material you choose, it pays to invest in a tote bag that’s made from a strong material so it can withstand the throws of frequent use.

Carry Options

While classic tote bags only have top carry handles, modern versions offer additional carry options, making them easy to transport, even when fully loaded. Versatile carry options are also handy if you plan to use the tote for travel or commuting.

Aside from the standard carry handles, some tote bags include a detachable shoulder strap to wear it like a messenger bag or a man purse, while others have small grab handles on the side or even hidden backpack straps. Backpack straps are particularly useful if you’re using the tote as a work bag.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Aside from having an extensive collection of tote bags (yes, even the flimsy freebies I swore to donate years ago), I travel full-time, so I have a keen understanding of what makes a quality bag. While most people only associate totes with the weak, open-top cotton style, there are so many other renditions of this classic type of bag. Through reviewing tote bags for men, I hope the options on this list encourage you to branch out beyond boring backpacks or messenger bags and help you dive into the world of the most versatile totes available.

Final Verdict

While it doesn’t take much to make a good tote bag, it does take quite a bit of effort to be the best tote bag for men. The crown jewel of this list is the Rains Tote Bag which is as functional as it is sleek. Outfitted with a weather-resistant exterior and multiple carry options, it’s a dependable choice for just about any circumstance. For a more classic choice, the Lands’ End Natural Canvas Tote Bag is a staple for countless households and can hold up to a whopping 500 pounds before breaking the canvas construction, making it the most rugged bag on this list.


    • Tote bags are in style for guys, and in fact, they’re one of the most timeless accessories a man can own. Highly versatile and forever useful, the wide range of tote bag styles makes them easy to carry as a man. Plus, plenty of menswear brands, even high fashion designers, are pumping out their own men’s tote bags for guys keen on making a statement.

      • Tote bags can certainly be for men and are a great option for work, travel, and running errands.

        • The best fabric for tote bags is canvas. These totes are extra sturdy and durable and are designed to last for years to come. Canvas beats out flimsy cotton or knit tote bags as these materials are more fragile. They also can’t handle a heavier load the way a canvas tote can. So, if you’re gunning for versatility and functionality, a canvas tote bag is the best choice.

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