Over a decade before 2023’s The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, The Hunger Games movies got their start with the star-crossed District 12 tributes of the 74th games played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. When Hutcherson recently reminiscenced on playing Peeta Mellark in the first movie, he shared his experience shooting the camouflage scene and his honest reaction to the character’s special skill. 

As Josh Hutcherson stars in one of the first projects on the 2024 movie schedule, The Beekeeper, the actor was asked about what it was like filming that camo scene. In his words: 

That moment is kind of ridiculous. We shot that in like the mountains outside of Asheville in North Carolina. There were a ton of snakes and they put me in a rock crevice that just went infinitely back into a dark snake pit. So I had to lay there for 45 minutes while they did this whole makeup thing on the face.

…Well then. That does not sound like the most fun experience, especially if the actor was lowkey worried a snake would get him while he was being fashioned to resemble a rock. Here’s what he looked like in the scene, if its been a while since you’ve seen the first Hunger Games movie: 

The Hunger Games, Peeta in rock camouflage

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Hutcherson recalled the memory while doing The Puppy Interview with Buzzfeed. He also said this about his reaction to the whole thing: 

I didn’t see what it looked like cause it was on me and I didn’t see a monitor or anything. So, I saw playback after when they were showing me what it looked like and I couldn’t stop laughing because I was like how did he pull this off? Like, with what? They were like ‘He’s a baker’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, cool but like that’s crazy.’ They’re like ‘It works.’ And I’m like ‘Alright, well I’m just an actor, I’ll shut up but you know, it’s kind of crazy.’

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