It’s a fact of life that not all beards were created equal. Some guys are born with superior facial hair genetics, but the best beard oil can help turn anyone into a Viking. Believe it or not, there’s more to grooming than letting your shampoo run down your beard in the shower.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining your beard, from regular trimming to applying beard butter and washes. Beard oil is one of the key pieces of a very hairy puzzle, and its list of benefits is impressively long.

Growing out facial hair is just the first step. There’s also the daily ritual of keeping it soft, not to mention hydrating the skin underneath to help growth and reduce irritation. Worry not, though, beard oil has you covered on all fronts.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the top beard oil for men for your consideration.

Key Takeaways

After poring over dozens of sites and countless reviews, I can confidently say that the Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil is the best beard oil for men. You get a lot of oil for the price, and it’s one of the safest smells you can hope to get on a male cosmetic product. More and more men are turning to Shea, and you may want to join them!

If you’re looking to fill up your grooming kit for the new year, you can turn to Badass Beard Oil for four wonderful aromas and a baby-bottom-smooth beard. For a fancier pick, there’s also Caldera + Lab The Beard, one of the best anti-irritant oils with an amazing scent of apricot.

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Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil

Why it’s great: The best beard oil on the market should tick all the boxes, and this Shea product delivers in that department. The bottle is a decent size, the price is fair, the effects are noticeable after very little use, and the smell is divine. Oh, and there’s also the incredible formula, free of allergens and other risky ingredients.

How it works: The mix of olive and sunflower oil is a tried-and-true blend for keeping your beard silky smooth. On top of that, the maracuja oil does wonders for your skin complexion. Finally, the shea butter keeps your beard from getting tangled.

Who it’s for: This product works great on beards of all shapes and sizes, and especially on balanced, non-oily hair.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The essential oils scent can be hard to combine with certain perfumes. At the same time, that makes this a good substitute for fragrances if you’re into Shea’s signature smell.

Product Benefits: Moisturizing, softening | Size: 3.2 oz | Scent: Essential oils mix

King C. Gillette Beard Oil

Why it’s great: For an option that won’t drill a hole through your wallet, King C. Gillette has your back. This plant-based beard oil boasts impressive softening abilities for the price, and I’m a big fan of the bergamot smell too.

How it works: After you’ve washed and dried your beard, you only need a few drops of this stuff. You can expect it to get absorbed pretty quickly, and the scent should hold you over for an entire working day.

Who it’s for: People with dry, brittle beard hair can expect to get a lot out of this product. It’s also a great pick if you dye your beard as it helps prevent moisture loss.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because the bottle is on the small side, I’d mainly recommend this product for men with shorter beards. For a more majestic mane, it might be smarter to invest in something a little bigger.

Product Benefits: Moisturizing, softening | Size: 1 oz | Scent: Bergamot, geranium, cedarwood

Caldera + Lab The Beard

Why it’s great: Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but Caldera + Lab struck gold with this beard oil. Zero animal ingredients, zero parabens, and zero gluten, and it still moisturizes your beard like it’s nobody’s business. I’m huge on the apricot scent myself, and there’s a hint of essential oils in there too.

How it works: With only a couple of drops a day, you can expect a noticeable difference in beard softness within a week. Also, it helps prevent itchiness and irritation after a thorough shave.

Who it’s for: The Beard works great for all kinds of facial hair, but there’s also the skin factor. People with sensitive skin who tend to feel prickly after a shave can kiss that problem goodbye after using this.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: For such an expensive product, a little bit more oil would have been nice. Still, the pump makes it very easy to regulate, so rest assured you won’t be wasting any.

Product Benefits: Moisturizing, softening, anti-irritant | Size: 1.7 oz | Scent: Apricot, babassu oil

Cremo Beard Oil

Why it’s great: Cremo’s been killing it on Amazon with some of the best oil for beards out there, and it’s easy to see why. On top of three interesting scents to choose from, you get premier hydration with the help of natural ingredients.

How it works: Much like Caldera + Lab’s products, using this stuff regularly will relieve any annoying itching while making your beard that much softer. It does that through a healthy mix of oils to keep things nice and natural.

Who it’s for: While you can pull this off on most beard types, it works better on smaller mustaches and goatees. It’s also a great overall pick for coarse facial hair.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I personally love Palo Santo and white moss, but these scents aren’t for everybody. Chances are you haven’t used anything like this, so it may not be for you.

Product Benefits: Moisturizing, softening, anti-irritant | Size: 1 oz | Scent: Palo Santo, Vintage Suede or Distiller’s Blend

Jack Black Beard Oil

Why it’s great: The best oil for beards makes it glow like you just hopped out of a long shower. Jack Black would give most beard waxes a run for their money with how good it is at taming frenzied beards and mustaches. The essential oils smell doesn’t hurt, either!

How it works: Speaking of, the mix of oils, plants, and Vitamin E makes for a great antioxidant. It does a surprisingly good job at keeping your skin clean too. Spread a drop or two across your palms and watch the magic happen.

Who it’s for: This product tends to work best for dry facial hair, as well as annoying little locks of beard that refuse to stay in place. Great pick for dudes with sensitive skin too!

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The size-to-price ratio isn’t the best, but I’d say the effectiveness more than makes up for it. Besides, you can always go for the full beard grooming kit if you’re down to pay a little bit more.

 Product Benefits: Hydrating, softening | Size: 1 oz | Scent: Essential oils mix

Live Bearded Beard Oil

Why it’s great: Beard oil for men doesn’t get much better in terms of smell. From sandalwood and vanilla to sweet tobacco and cedar, all the scents are alluring without feeling too overpowering. You can also go unscented if you really want, but that’s more of a sensitive skin pick.

How it works: The all-organic ingredient list leaves your beard feeling as smooth as satin. It also helps with growth if that’s your thing, especially when you combine it with the Live Bearded kit.

Who it’s for: People of all facial hair types can benefit from this product, especially those with dry beards. When trimming and cosmetics fail to hydrate your beard and skin, Live Bearded has you covered.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you use too much, your beard may get a little too shiny for your liking. Be sure to ration it wisely and you should be good.

Product Benefits: Hydrating | Size: 1 oz | Scent: Sandalwood & vanilla; bourbon & citrus; cedar, vetiver & bergamot; leather, vanilla & cedar; tombstone; unscented

Old Spice Beard Oil

Why it’s great: Looking to take your peach fuzz to the next level? Old Spice products are great for promoting beard growth, so it’s no wonder their beard oil has been selling so well. For those that like it, that classic Old Spice smell is the real kicker, though – the ladies in your life are sure to take notice!

How it works: There’s a lot more to this brand than just smell if you know how to use it. The chemical formula is strong, but it gets stuff done. Just be sure to use it daily, and watch as your modest beard blossoms into a proper mane.

Who it’s for: Old Spice tends to work great for people with curly, wavy, and otherwise textured hair. Works like a charm on other types too.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you use too much of this stuff, the smell can get a bit overwhelming. Stick to two drops per wash and you’re golden.

Product Benefits: Growth, moisturizing, nourishing | Size: 1.7 oz | Scent: Lime, lemon

Badass Beard Oil Pack

Why it’s great: This is the best beard oil package deal for a number of reasons. To start with, you get around the size issue as it includes four bottles, and you can choose from over a dozen scents for each one. Now that’s what I call a good deal!

How it works: With their organic formula, these puppies do a little bit of everything. They’re a great counter to split ends, not to mention the obligatory softening and moisturizing properties. It’s also great for combatting the dreaded beardruff.

Who it’s for: If there’s a beard oil that works on all kinds of hair, it’s this one. It’s especially good if you have lots of allergies or your skin is prone to breakouts after shaving.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Nothing to complain about here. Just keep in mind that 4 bottles isn’t the most budget-friendly investment in the world.

Product Benefits: Growth, anti-irritant, natural ingredients | Size: 1 oz (per bottle) | Scent: Custom

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Buying Considerations for the Best Beard Oils 

To the uninitiated, beard oils might all seem very similar. However, there’s a lot to think about before picking the best oil for you. Here are some obvious things to look out for:


For the most part, you’ll want to aim for products that are plant-based or otherwise organic. The skin on your face can be quite sensitive, so too many chemicals may induce an unwanted reaction, especially if you’re allergy-prone. Essential oils tend to be the safest pick when it comes to this product category, so exercise caution and study the labels carefully.


With some exceptions, beard oils come in bottles of 1 to 2 oz. If you use a couple of pumps per day, the average bottle should last you a couple of months. If the chemical formula is stronger and you only apply it once a day, you could hit the three-or-four-month mark on a single bottle.


Not every beard oil is scented, but the ones that are tend to have a subtler aroma. After all, an overpowering smell doesn’t mesh well with a mix of perfume, deodorant, cologne, and whatever else guys like to use. If you use a lot of fragrances or have sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to go for weaker scents or go unscented altogether.

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Why you should trust us

As a fashion and grooming expert, I know a thing or two about male cosmetics. Finding the best beard oil for every guy out there is a painstaking process, but I did extensive research and consulted several reputable sources. Ultimately, I narrowed down my choice from about a hundred products to just eight, and they don’t come much better than these.

Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best beard oil for men. It was a tough pick, but ultimately, Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil wins out. On top of keeping your beard smooth and fresh, it does it at an affordable cost and it should last you a long time. Nothing beats essential oils!


    • Every guy is different when it comes to beard growth, but Old Spice and Badass Beard have a proven track record.  Remember that growth doesn’t come down to just using cosmetics – if you’re looking to grow your beard, you also need a good trimmer and a shaving routine.

      • Beard oil is one of the cheaper cosmetics in a guy’s grooming kit, and it’s absolutely worth it. It’s far from the only thing your beard needs, but if you’re looking to grow it out, you’ll inevitably reach a point where it comes in handy.

        • Beard oil does work, and it can do a whole lot of things. It keeps your beard soft and even, makes it smell good, helps prevent irritation, and much more. Just be sure to study each product carefully to make sure it confers the benefits you’re after.

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