I’m Thrilled Danielle Brooks Got An Oscar Nomination For The Color Purple, But It Should Have Been Recognized Way More

You better believe I was yelling “Hell yeah!” when Danielle Brooks was included on the list of 2024 Oscar nominees. However, you also better believe that I was, in the words of her character Sofia, saying “Hell No!” when the 2023 musical remake of The Color Purple only got one nomination from The Academy. 

This happens every year, movies get majorly snubbed. This year, along with that WTF moment when Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated for directing Barbie, the critically adored The Color Purple was essentially left out of the awards conversation, which is maddening. However, they did get one incredibly well-deserved nomination for Danielle Brooks in the Best Supporting Actress category. 

I’m So Excited That The Academy Recognized Danielle Brooks For Her Work In The Color Purple

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