What to Watch: Feud: Capote vs The Swans, Genius: MLK/X, and Farmer Wants a Wife

There are several series beginning on cable this week, including FEUD: Capote vs The Swans and GENIUS: MLK/X.

Of course, that’s not all, as our favorite networks keep pumping out the programming as we try to climb our way back to normal after the strikes.

See what we recommend you watch this week!

Saturday, January 27

8/7c Confessions of a Cam Girl (Lifetime)

Higher education is a pain for millions, and it’s particularly challenging when a person wants to pursue a career they’re passionate about, but it’s preferential that they get into something worth all the money they pour into their studies.

Kirsten wants to be a fashion designer, and her working-class parents aren’t thrilled about it, so she gets a little creative about how she makes her money, and by “creative,” we mean she becomes a CAM GIRL! Sex sells pretty damn well, right?

Of course, nothing can go swimmingly when you’re leading a double life. Tune in for all the juicy and steamy drama!

Sunday, January 28

9/8c The Way Home (Hallmark)

Kat believes she’s coming closer than ever to finding her little brother Jacob by traveling through the pond.

That opens a whole other can of worms for her and Alice when it comes to Elliot, who wants them to stop.

But nothing is ever that easy, and The Way Home Season 2 will continue to prove even the best-laid plans sometimes need to be scattered to the wind to effect change.

9/8c Monsieur Spade (AMC)

On Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 3, Teresa and Sam grow closer despite both other best efforts to the alternative.

Meanwhile, Spade searches for answers regarding the mysterious young boy that everyone seems to be looking for.

Samir takes him into hiding, but no one knows what to make of his incessant writing. Spade gets a call from the elusive Philippe.

9/8c True Detective: Night Country

Danvers and Navarro continue to fall deeper into the investigation of the murders of Annie K. and the Tsalas research team.

The cops have a suspect now, but he’s nowhere to be found — and he might have some powerful connections.

As the two lead investigators set aside their differences to crack the case, Danvers attempts to come to terms with the fact that one of her own cops might be assisting in a cover-up.

And as she closes in on the murderer, Navarro meets stronger resistance from the outraged citizens of Ennis.

10/9c Next Level Chef (FOX)

The most fun you’ve ever had with a cooking competition show returns!

This season, they’ve added three audition episodes to give everyone a better understanding of the contestants and how they’re matched with mentors.

We’ve got an interview with Richard Blais for you to learn a little bit more about all of the excitement ahead!

Monday, January 29

Days of Our Lives (Peacock)strong>

Will Everett actually tell Stephanie the truth about his past?

Spoilers say he has a confession to make, but in Salem, it seems that more often than not, people change their minds at the last minute or get interrupted before they can spit out their difficult news.

We’ll have to tune in to find out. In the meantime, Marlena is worried about John’s erratic behavior, and Paulina panics enough to go to the hospital while Johnny and Chanel make plans for their wedding.

10/9c The Irrational (NBC)

After a lengthy hiatus, The Irrational is back with its final batch of episodes.

The case Alec takes on will be personal for the professor as it involves arson and a young burn victim.

We’ve missed this show, and we’re excited to see how all the various threads get tied up over these final hours.

Tuesday, January 30

8/7c La Brea (NBC)

Two timelines collide as Gavin and Sam try to send a message to Gavin in 2021, but who do they choose to intercept it?

Gavin gets kidnapped by a woman who has intel about his past and can answer many of his questions. Is this the break they need?

In 10,000 BC, Sam and Lucas lead a rescue mission when a massive fire breaks out near the fort.

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

The Coterie crew gets a bit traitorous when resident dark, spooky, and delightfully weird member Kelly throws a murder mystery at the house.

Coterie gatherings are typically a blast and a great chance for all the tea to spill, drama to take off, and the various characters to interact more than ever before, so we cannot WAIT to see what happens during this installment.

Hopefully, it’ll liven things up during this relatively lackluster and perfunctory final season.

Wednesday, January 31

8/7c Wild Cards (The CW)

Ellis doesn’t seem to realize it, but he’s already a sucker for Max, no matter how much of a fight he puts up.

Oh, yeah, and they make a kick-butt team! Fans of that burgeoning partnership will be thrilled to know that it only deepens from here when Max presses Ellis more about his personal life.

The duo lands a spectacularly creepy case when they investigate the case of a missing butcher in a rural town.

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

Uh oh! When Marcel suggested new resident Zola Ahmad was trouble, he wasn’t wrong. When Ahmad runs into a roadblock from an insurance company, she takes matters into her own hands… and puts the hospital at risk.

Her passion for helping people is wonderful, but how long can she last if she keeps doing things like this?

Meanwhile, Asher runs into trouble after a first date, and Charles helps a depressed woman.

Whether you’re here for the medical stories or the personal drama, this one’ll be must-see TV!

9/8c Chicago Fire ( NBC)

With a title like “Trapped,” we can only imagine what’s next for Firehouse 51.

The preview finds Violet and Sylvie racing to an emergency, making every effort to get there before it’s too late to save someone.

When they witness a domestic dispute, they begin to investigate themselves, which will have far-reaching consequences all involved!

10/9c Chicago PD ( NBC)

It’s a case deeply inspired by some of the recent headlines and another Burgess-centric episode as the season continues with more personal touches.

When Burgess gets caught in the crosshairs of a drive-by shooting directed at Venezuelan refugees, the unit takes on the case with Burgess leading the charge.

And if you’re a fan of those Burzek domestic, happy family moments, we’ll get even more of them. Check out the emotional promo!

10/9c FEUD: Capote vs The Swans (FX)

Ever since I read In Cold Blood in high school, I have had a fascination with Truman Capote. What an exciting prospect to see a whole series about his entourage.

FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans tells the story of the acclaimed writer, once a confidante to society’s most elite women, whom he nicknamed “the swans.”

However, his act of betrayal effectively destroyed those relationships, banished him from high society, and sent him into a spiral of self-destruction from which he would ultimately never recover.

Thursday, February 1

Law & Order (NBC)

Hot off of a controversial case involving a potential deep fake, the cops and prosecutors turn their attention to a murdered real estate agent.

This one seems like more of a traditional mystery, with a ton of suspects that all had a reason to want the suspect dead.

But once an arrest is made, will Price and Maroun be able to convince a jury that the defendant had enough of a reason to want the victim dead to make their arrest plausible?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Price’s strategy involves alienating the newest member of the Homicide unit — will making an enemy out of Riley be worth it?

9/8c Genius: MLK/X (NatGeo)

MLK/X explores simultaneously the formative years, pioneering accomplishments, dueling philosophies, and key personal relationships of both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

While King advanced racial equality through nonviolent activism, X advocated for Black empowerment, identity, and self-determination. The eight-part series also brings their wives, Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz, to the forefront and shows them as formidable equals of the Movement.

While King and X met only once and often challenged each other’s views, the two visionaries, with their wives leading by their sides, ultimately rose to pioneer a movement that lives on today.

9/8c Farmer Wants a Wife (FOX)

Yee-haw and hee-haw, it’s time for more of that reality love series that combines The Bachelor and Yellowstone.

Jennifer Nettles hosts as four cowboys looking for love choose five women to bring back to their homes in the heartland in hopes of making a connection and lassoing a forever partner.

The trailer teases so much drama as the women are downright catty, the ranch and farm life takes a toll on some of the city girls, and the farmers tap into their inner lotharios.

9/8c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

SVU likes to turn tropes on their head to make a point, and this is one of those times.

According to the spoiler video, Olivia Benson mistakenly assumes a woman has been raped by a man, only for the woman to confess to being the rapist!

Meanwhile, Benson offers support to a family that’s been victimized twice — could this have something to do with the still-missing Maddie?

10/9c Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)

Stabler’s search for the man who bombed the mosque and killed Asher Klein continues, but that’s not all!

Not only is he again working with Officer Sam Bashir of the Hate Crimes unit, but he’s trying to find a kidnapped boy—and it has something to do with fentanyl dealers.

Could this be the link between Stabler’s case and Benson’s missing girl over on Law & Order: SVU?

If so, bring it on! The sooner we get to the next Stabler/Benson collaboration, the better.

Friday, February 2

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Prime Video)

Whether it’s inspired by the Bradgelina film or the original short-lived series, this reboot thriller comedy is certainly an interesting choice.

Donald Glover created and stars in a spy-comedy about two spies lured into a life of wealth, travel, and excitement, who, in turn, must partake in new identities and an arranged marriage. Their working relationship is a bit tumultuous until they grow more intimate with one another.

Despite some questionable casting with the leads, the series is star-studded with John Turturro, Michaela Coel, Paul Dano, Alexander Skarsgård, and Eiza González, and it already seems polarizing — people will either love it or loathe it, but they’ll definitely be chatting about it!

The Tourist (Netflix)

The entire first season of this thrilling Australian drama drops, and you’ll be riveted from start to finish.

The award-winning series starring Jamie Dornan is about a man who wakes up in the Australian Outback with zero memory of who he is and what’s happening around him but quickly must adapt when whatever his mysterious past is back to haunt him violently.

The cinematography is transformative, pulling you right into the dusty scenery to the point that you actually feel it, and the series takes some serious twists and turns.

It’s a slow start for most, but overall, it’s worth the binge.

Shortcomings (Netflix)

Fresh off the Boat’s Randall Park makes his directorial debut with this film inspired by the graphic novel that explores identity crises in all their forms: dating, race, culture, sexuality, and so much more.

Struggling filmmaker Ben manages arthouse movies in California while grappling with his identity and his relationship with his girlfriend, Mika, who, upon her relocation to NYC, prompts him to explore his options.

Meanwhile, his best friend, Alice, ironically played by Good Trouble’s Sherry Cola, struggles with life and other such things in this heartwarming, quirky, and hilarious indie comedy.

8/9c Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz)

Lou-Lou is about to find himself in a world of trouble.

After defying Raq’s orders to stay put, everyone is out searching for the youngest Thomas brother as he continues to struggle. And once they find him, serious decisions have to be made.

There are only two episodes left this season, and this penultimate installment looks to be a doozy.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She’s a member of the Critic’s Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on X and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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