The Detroit Fashion Choice Awards is proud to announce the esteemed Vanguard Honorees for this year’s event. These individuals have made significant contributions to the fashion industry and have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. The honorees for the Vanguard Awards are Chuck Bennett, Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, Maurice Malone, Scarlet Monroe-Caine, Daishawn Franklin, and Loren Hicks, also known as LOJO.


Chuck Bennett, known as “The Style Guru,” will be recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award. With his impeccable taste and unwavering dedication to the industry, Chuck has become a true icon in the world of fashion. His expertise and fashion sense have earned him the well-deserved title of Michigan Style Guru. Chuck’s contributions to the fashion community have paved the way for aspiring designers, models, and stylists, leaving an enduring legacy in the process.

Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, renowned footwear designer and educator, has been honored as the Humanitarian of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes Dr. Edwards’ outstanding contributions to the fashion industry and his tireless efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity. With no formal education, Dr. Edwards has designed over 500 footwear styles for top entertainers and established PENSOLE, the first academy in the U.S. dedicated to footwear design.

Maurice Malone, founder and designer of Maurice Malone USA, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for his four decades of innovation in the fashion industry. His groundbreaking designs have set new standards, and his commitment to excellence continues to inspire aspiring designers worldwide.

Scarlet Monroe-Caine, CEO of Redfunk Collections, will be recognized as the Fashion Vanguard of Tomorrow. With her visionary leadership, Scarlet has redefined the boundaries of fashion and emerged as a true trailblazer. Through Redfunk Collections, she continues to push the envelope of creativity, setting new trends and inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Daishawn Franklin, founder and CEO of Indie Fashions, will be honored as the Fashion Innovator of the Year. His revolutionary platform empowers independent fashion designers to showcase their unique talents and designs to a global audience. Daishawn’s commitment to supporting emerging artists and promoting diversity in fashion is making a lasting impact on the industry as a whole.

Loren Hicks, known as LOJO, will be recognized as the Vanguard Fashion Trailblazer honoree. As a clothing designer and the founder of Michigan Fashion Week, LOJO brings a wealth of expertise to the fashion industry. Her remarkable journey and commitment to empowering others have gained recognition from esteemed institutions and media outlets.

The Detroit Fashion Choice Awards is excited to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding individuals and their contributions to the world of fashion. The awards ceremony will take place on February 4th at The Garden Theater, where the honorees will be recognized for their exceptional talent, dedication, and influence.

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