Florence Pugh and Zendaya may be two of the biggest fashion icons in the business. Both have different styles but are show-stopping on the red carpet. Pugh’s sheer pink Valentino dress comes to mind whenever I think of an incredible fashion moment. I also still can’t stop thinking about Zendaya’s red Emmys’ party dress that was to die for. Now, that both stars have joined forces to promote Dune: Part Two, it feels like a number of stunning dual red carpet appearances are on the horizon. However, Pugh apparently believes Zendaya has her beat, as she recently joked about trying and failing to have a cute photo-op moment when trying to imitate her co-star.

The official Instagram account for Dune: Part Two (which we know a lot about) shared polaroids of the cast gearing up to promote their much anticipated sequel. The group looks amazing and very fashion forward. Zendaya rocked a cool vintage t-shirt with an image from David Lynch’s 1984 Dune film, which was a great homage to the first big-screen adaptation of the source material. She also made a cute, goofy face to show off the shirt. Florence Pugh opted for a chic neutral toned suit and posed just like her fellow Marvel alum did for her polaroid. You can see pictures from the  from the press tour below:

I personally think they both look adorable, and I love the Midsommar star’s goofy face while she shows off her ensemble. However, apparently the British actress didn’t quite capture the same vibe as the Euphoria star, as she posted her own reaction to the photos when she saw them. She laughed at herself and, when posting it to her Instagram story, she said her pose wasn’t as cute as her co-stars turned out to be. You can see the post below:

Florence Pugh and Zendaya joking around while doing Dune Part 2 press together, posted on Pugh's IG story

(Image credit: Florence Pugh Instagram Story)

Even if Florence Pugh doesn’t think she got the full “Zendaya” quite right, I think she nailed it. I love the juxtaposition between their outfits and how they infused their own personal styles into the looks. Also, I’d be remiss to mention the boys, Austin Butler and Timothée Chalamet, who adorably matched in their black long sleeve shirts amid the press tour. They all look great together and seem to have great chemistry off camera. I can’t wait to see how this comes across on screen when Part Two finally lands in theaters.

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