Reacher Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Former U.S. Army military police major Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) will be coming back for another edge-of-your-seat season of Reacher.

After shoving the head of security and all-things-evil, Shane Langston (Robert Patrick), out of a moving aircraft for killing members of his unit in Season 2, Reacher is all set for more vigilante justice.

News of the muscular hero’s return came almost immediately following the finale of Season 2 when Ritchson took to Twitter/X with the announcement. One can only imagine who will be on the receiving end of Reacher’s fist.

The Amazon Prime Video action crime streaming TV series was a big hit after it debuted on February 4, 2022, where Reacher finds himself in the town of Margrave, Georgia.

With the help of two police officers, Roscoe Conklin and Oscar Finlay, Reacher sets out to investigate local corruption.

After wowing audiences with an action-packed first season, it seemed only logical for more stories to be written for what is sure to be a long-running fan favorite.

Has Reacher Been Renewed for Season 3?

Yes! Before the second season even began airing on Prime Video, the wise streamer renewed Reacher for Season 3.

Where Did Reacher Season 2 Leave Off?

Reacher Reacher 2 Episode 8 ended with several body counts, starting with members of Reacher’s defunct MP Special Investigations Unit.

He eventually reunites with surviving members, including Frances Neagley (Maria Sten), to investigate who is behind the murders and why. Reacher even gets an assist from elbow patch-wearing Oscar Finley (Malcolm Goodwin) in a surprise cameo.

Sorry, all you Roscoe fans, but Reacher hooks up with someone else this trip, squad mate Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan).

At the conclusion of the final episode, and after some members survive very harrowing moments of torture, the team is able to retrieve the bombs, take care of the bad guys, and go back to their normal lives.

Season 2 depicts events from Lee Child’s 11th book in the popular series Bad Luck and Trouble.

When Will Reacher Season 3 Be Released?

Although filming has just gotten underway in Toronto, it is too soon to know when season three will premiere on Amazon Prime.

Based on the premiere time between Season 1 and Season 2 and minus any unforeseen hindrances like strikes or Covid shutdowns, a reasonable guess is that season three may make its debut early next year.

However, since production has already begun, it is possible fans will be able to stream Reacher Season 3 as early as October or December 2024.

Reacher was the first Prime Video series to top the Neilsen charts, proving the action hero’s move from the pages of the novels to the big screen to be a wise decision.

Reacher Season 3 Plot (Spoilers)

According to Ritchson, season three is based on Persuader, which is Child’s seventh book in the Jack Reacher franchise, and this time, the titular character drifts into the pine tree state of Maine.

As for the plot, Reacher witnesses a brutal kidnapping attempt and decides to take the law into his own hands by going undercover to rescue an informant held hostage by a haunting foe from his past.

Apparently, a key investigation went south years ago, and Reacher has one last shot at redemption, or will it really be an act of vengeance?

Unfortunately, a cop dies, and there is a question of whether Reacher has lost his sense of right and wrong, as viewers will learn more about his past.

Fans of the books are already expressing their excitement over the adaptation of this particular novel while noting how different it will be from the team element.

Who Will Be in the Reacher Season 3 Cast?

We have the million-dollar bet on this one: Alan Richtson will return as Jack Reacher.

If there is one thing fans of the series understand about Reacher, it is that the guy hardly wears the same clothes twice, let alone keeps the same woman or works with the same people.

Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that Neagley, Reacher’s favorite sidekick who served with him in the army, will make another kick-butt appearance in season three.

It’s probably fair to assume that the pair will likely connect with at least one or two good guys as they tackle bringing justice in a new town.

Furthermore, showrunner Nick Santora told The Hollywood Reporter to expect Reacher to join forces with good people for the cause and then say his goodbyes before going his way and finding more trouble, no doubt.

SNL alum Anthony Michael Hall will play Zachary Beck, a successful businessman who Reacher suspects is involved in a criminal operation.

Also added is Sonya Cassidy, who has been cast in the role of Susan Duffy, a DEA agent from Boston with a sarcastic sense of humor.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Reacher Season 3?

There were eight episodes in both Reacher Season 1 and Reacher Season 2, so we don’t expect fewer than eight for the third season.

However, things have been known to change. While we don’t expect fewer than eight episodes, we wouldn’t be unhappy if there were ten. Hey, we can dream!

Is There a Trailer for Reacher Season 3?

Production hasn’t started that we’re aware of, so there’s no trailer as of yet, but bookmark this page for the latest information. We’ll report it when we get it!

Where Can I Watch Reacher Season 3?

Reacher became one of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest hits since its debut in 2022.

Former Smallville actor Alan Ritchson seized the role of Jack Reacher and made it his own in the streaming series after Tom Cruise’s controversial portrayal in two films, which were released in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

Currently, seasons one and two are available for streaming exclusively on Prime Video, which is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership.

If you are contemplating whether a Prime membership is worth your while, there is always the option to use the streaming service on a free trial basis.

Customers can watch Prime Video on a good selection of compatible devices, such as directly from the web, via the Prime Video app on a smartphone, set-top box, game console, tablet, or select smart TVs.

In the meantime, we will keep our eyes peeled for updates, so check back for new information as it becomes available.

For more news on your favorite shows, check out our other Everything We Know posts to stay up to date!

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