Rumors are circulating pointing to two of the best horror movies of all time could be getting remade, with Stephen King‘s The Dead Zone and American Psycho both allegedly set for on-the-horizon reimaginings. While genre purists might be sharpening their pitchforks over such news, possibly understandably, I’m over here already drafting a wishlist of what these reimaginings could bring to the list of upcoming horror movies.

According to The Insneider newsletter (via Bloody Disgusting),  Jeff Sneider is reporting on Lionsgate execs’ alleged interest in a modern take on the Christian Bale-led American Psycho, as well as a potential new approach to the Christopher Walken-starring political thriller The Dead Zone, with Korean-American film and television producer Roy Lee said to be attached. 

The landscape of upcoming book adaptations can be dicey, especially when books have previously been adapted into successful movies, which both The Dead Zone and American Psycho already were. Remakes can also be challenging, but neither have to be a bad thing. With the right approach, they can pay homage to the original while creating a new path, so let’s take a look at how that could happen, at least in my eyes. 

Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone

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A Fresh Yet Faithful Take on The Dead Zone

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