I’m not even going to pretend like I know a whole lot about Minecraft, because I honestly don’t. I grew up back in the ‘90s, so I was there for Crystal Pepsi and even went to see the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie the day it came out (which I despised back then, but will die on a hill defending today).

So, when news broke that there would be a Minecraft movie starring Jason Momoa and Jack Black, it didn’t really register on my hype-level scale. I mean, sure, I was going to see it because I watch every video game movie (And even rank them!). But, I wasn’t super pumped to see an adventure in the Minecraft universe. 

However, do you want to know who was super pumped when they heard the news? My two children, as together, they’ve amassed a staggering 300+ hours in the world of Minecraft. THREE HUNDRED HOURS! And, since I sometimes like to live vicariously through them, I asked them what were five things that they definitely wanted to see in this upcoming flick. So, this is what they told me.  

(Image credit: Mojang Studios)


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