After Boston Celtics Star Jaylen Brown Won At The NBA Finals, I Can’t Stop Thinking About The A+ Film Series He Watched While Prepping

It’s official: the Boston Celtics are the 2024 NBA Championship winners! As a fan, I can’t tell you how great it feels to be able to say that. Their 4-1 series win marks a moment of pride not only for the city as a whole but of course, also for the players involved. Someone who should be particularly proud is Jaylen Brown, who not only helped lead his team to victory but was also named Finals MVP. In the aftermath of this title win, I can’t help but be happy for Brown, and I also can’t stop thinking of the fun way he got ready for the series. You may not believe it, but his preparation involved an A+ movie franchise.

Don’t be totally mistaken here, as the three-time All Star likely did spend some time in the gym working on his craft before the Finals began on June 6. He did, however, need some time to decompress based on the comments he shared with Good Morning America. At the time, the fan-favorite player revealed that his teammates spent time with their families in the lead-up to the series. And, while the newly christened champion doesn’t have a wife or kids himself, he did find comfort in a great series of films that some might describe as “magical”:

You know, a lot of our guys probably spent time with their family and stuff like that. But you know, I don’t have a family. I’m single, so I’ve been binge-watching Harry Potter.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Fans might’ve been tempted to assume that Jaylen Brown watched some of the best sports movies in order to prepare for the NBA Finals. But now that I know he spent his downtime checking out the Wizarding World films, I’m delighted to no end. It can be a cool feeling when you find out that a celebrity you admire shares one of your interests. Quite frankly, I just can’t get this information out of my head now, and I’d love to hear Brown breakdown each of the eight main films in the saga. He didn’t do that in the TikTok video, but he did reveal the character from the franchise that he most identifies with:

I’m a huge fan of Dumbledore. … Maybe Hermione, I think I resonate with her, too. … She’s also the one that just keeps everybody on track. She’s the one that gets stuff done, too. So like, that’s me. Like, ‘We gotta get this done. I’m not waiting ‘till the last minute. You got an assignment, we’re gonna get it done in the first day. We’re not gonna wait ‘till the last minute.’ So it can be a little bit of that, too.

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