The Boys, they’re back in town. Amazon’s pitch-perfect adaptation of Garth Ennis’s comic is returning for Season 2 this fall. In anticipation of the show’s return, Amazon brought the entire cast, showrunner Eric Kripe, and fans all across the internet together for a Season 2 panel hosted by Patton Oswalt

Games were played, laughs were had, but most importantly of all, spoilers were given. And to top it all off, there were a few surprise clips brought to us courtesy of Aya Cash, the newest cast member of the series, when she stopped by to introduce herself and dish out a few details on her character. TV Guide rounded up all the most tantalizing teases from the The Boys panel and everything else you need to know about Season 2. 

The Boys will premiere Sept. 4 on Amazon. The first three episodes will drop on Sept. 4 and the remaining five will air weekly after that, according to showrunner Eric Kripke.

Aya Cash will play a new character called Stormfront. After The Deep (Chase Crawford) gets turfed to Sandusky, Ohio in the Season 1 finale, the Seven has a spot on the roster to fill. Cash said in The Boys virtual panel that Stormfront is a new kind of supe, one whose popularity hinges on her masterful control of social media and her image as rule breaker. She also mentioned that Stormfront is “on par [with], if not worse than Homelander.” 

There’s a surprising — and worrying — romance that blooms in Season 2. In a quick clip played during The Boys panel, Stormfront is introduced to Homelander and Queen Maeve (Dominque McElligot) during a commercial shoot and sparks fly between the team leader and the rookie supe. Initially, it seems like clashing personalities, a face off between a psychotically controlling team leader and the latest thorn in his side who is determined to rip his shiny facade to shreds. But then Cash said that over the course of the season, “Stormfront earns Homelander’s respect,” despite their combative meetcute. Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, jumped in to say that Stormfront is a “force of nature” and that any scene with her and the Seven is like “throwing a cat among the pigeons.” Is there literally anything more worrying than Homelander in a romantic relationship with someone as terrible as he is?

The Seven’s long-suffering publicist, Ashley Barrett (Colbie Minfie), can’t catch a break in Season 2. Minfie told the panel that because of all the changes happening in the Seven (and behind-the-scenes of the Seven) Ashley’s job is going to get exponentially harder and that we’ll see “her mental health gets harder to deal with too.” 

The couple we’re all rooting for, Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), will face new challenges as well in Season 2. Kripke couldn’t tell us much more than that, but said that Frenchie and Kimiko deal with “real conflict” with in their relationship in Season 2 and that both Kapon and Fukuhara acted “the sh– out of it.” Kapon added that it leads to a much deeper, more beautiful storyline for the two characters in Season 2.

Yes, of course, Season 2 will be as gory as Season 1. Jack Quaid took some time to reminisce about all the blood poured on him in Season 1 and hinted that there will be even more blood and guts in Season 2, especially on him. That sounds particularly worrying for Hughie’s inevitable reunion with Billy Butcher (Karl Urban). 

We’re gonna see a whole new side to Starlight (Erin Moriarty). Moriarty said that Annie spends a lot of time in Season 2 grappling with the fact that her “powers didn’t come from where she thought they did” and as a result we’ll see her stepping into a role she’s never had before. Let’s hope that’s a positive change and Annie exposes Vought’s human experimentation with Compound-B, the serum used to create supes. After all, the boys do need a new team leader.

The first three action packed minutes of The Boys Season 2 promises a batsh– sophomore debut. The Boys panel ended with Kripke surprising everyone with the first three minutes of the premiere — despite the fact that Amazon begged him not to. The opening sequence is intercut between Vought executives in tense meetings with the military over the Seven joining the armed forces abroad and a bloodbath in a Syrian city leading to Compound-B fueled supe we’ve never seen before. As Vought execs blackmail the armed forces into favorable rules of engagement for supes, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) eliminates the unknown supe — who was too busy practicing catchphrases to notice  him — with brutal efficiency. On his way out Black Noir runs across a young child, whose stuffed bunny he picks up and menacingly plays with while clutching the supe’s head in the other hand. Regardless of what legal agreement the US military and Vought come to, supes have already been deployed to deal with international problems. 

The Boys Season 2 premieres Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime.

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