7 Podcasts That Can Make You Money In 2021

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7 Podcasts That Can Make You Money in 2021….

1. Tim Ferriss: The Tim Ferriss Show

You probably don’t need much introduction to Tim Ferriss, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. Besides being the author of what became the bible of working smarter, not harder, Tim is also an entrepreneur, investor, blogger, and podcaster.

The Tim Ferriss Show is an absolute must for anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship, and valuable life hacks. Tim’s podcast was the first on Apple to surpass 100 million downloads, and to date, it has over 600 million subscribers.

Tim introduces listeners to an eclectic mix of renowned heavyweights who are crushing it in their fields, whether business, sports, art, or philanthropy. Former guests include Maria Sharapova, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tony Robbins.

Each episode is a long-format discussion about how guests navigate everything from problem-solving to speaking your truth, setting daily rituals, and more. The goal is to extract tips, tools, and tactics listeners can use in their own lives to step up their game and thrive.

2. Rory and AJ Vaden: The Influential Personal Brand

Rory Vaden hosts The Influential Personal Brand and is a New York Times best-selling author and Hall of Fame Leadership speaker. His mission – along with co-host and wife AJ Vaden – is to help listeners monetize their brand and use it to their best advantage. “It’s a straight line to growing your influence,” he says, which results in more business.

It is well established that people will spend money on services when they are familiar with the CEO of that company, and this podcast showcases the backstories of successful entrepreneurs who have done just that.

Guests are invited to discuss important behind-the-scenes accounts of how they reached their goals, how they became who they are in business, and the journey they took to get there. Rory’s key is getting strategic and intentional about personal branding and then monetizing it to the hilt.

3. Leah Steele: The Wealth Witch

Leah Steele’s podcast The Wealth Witch investigates strategies that help deconstruct damaging and entrenched programming towards money and building wealth, which is significant for budding entrepreneurs.

Leah believes that everyone has the divine birthright to abundant wealth and business success and she backs that belief by sharing her razor-sharp intuition, extensive business acumen, savvy observations, and a crate-full of devices to guide listeners to success. She gets behind forward thinkers to help them to master their realm.

Leah interviews a remarkable array of guests, such as Rhonda Swan from The Unstoppable Branding Agency and ex-NFL player Eben Britton, host of The Eben Flow Podcast, who share their stories and tips about how they built their successful businesses, but most importantly how they combine success and spirituality to live wildly abundant lives.

With whimsical names like ‘Being Broke is Boring’, Leah gets under the surface to find how the power of intention can help carry entrepreneurs into the stratosphere. She marries business and the spiritual space, transforming energy into information that can help listeners shift toxic internal doctrines and reclaim their professional destiny.

4. Kim Barrett: The Kim Barrett Show

Kim Barrett, founder, and host of The Kim Barrett Show is an international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer. He is a consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses to six and seven figures. His podcast explores lead generation via informed conversations with experts such as Grant Cordone and Cassie Silver. He hones in on entrepreneurship, branding, managing stakeholders, and how to become a mogul in your industry. Kim took his lead generation agency that serves small businesses and experts from zero to $100,000 a month in under a year.

“If fear is holding you back from chasing your passion, ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ If something fails, you still survive. Move on to something else that will bring you back. Choose something you like and do it as a sideline, to begin with, and grow it from there. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, there is plenty of time to hustle and build a business between 7 pm and 2 am.”

5. Jason Campbell: Super Humans at WorkImage

Jason Campbell hosts Superhumans at Work by Mindvalley, in which he jumps into the world of disruptive and dynamic innovators and global thinkers who rattle the rules of business. He looks at deal-making in the creative world and chats with experts, offering takeaway hacks like how to make a pitch in three minutes – dropping listeners into the minds of best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and peak performers.

Grab your toolbox and fill it with new systems for personal and professional growth, learn how to keep motivated, and uncover some of the lesser-discussed and more uncomfortable truths about entrepreneurship.

6. Joel Brown: Addicted2Success

Master coach and speaker Joel Brown hosts Addicted2Success – a hugely popular motivational podcast born out of being stuck in traffic. “Spending two hours a day in the car going to and from my sales job gave me plenty of time to think,” he says. The result is a show that marries Joel’s passion for Tony Robbins-style self-development with his abilities in tech.

Given that 62 million listeners have tuned into the podcast, Joel has hit the sweet spot with his engaging content that showcases making money with residual income from property, acting, and anything else that listeners have worked on. Joel mines his guests such as Matthew McConaughey, Deepak Chopra, and Gary Vaynerchuk for self-development diamonds and gems of wisdom, and his audiences lap it up. Addicted2Success and its adjacent YouTube channel have to date garnered 326 million views.

7. Travis Chappell: Build Your Network

Travis Chappell, founder, and host of Build Your Network was a child entrepreneur who sold homemade rubber insect toys to second and third graders at school. He developed the entrepreneurial itch early, and his subsequent love of self-development triggered a pivot to podcasting and building a network within a sales niche. Fast forward and Build Your Network is rated among the top 25 shows on iTunes.

Serious networking is the target here, and this podcast delivers tactics and strategies on how to create a mature community that is grounded in good relationships. His goal is to have a network so solid that you will be able to text the top players in your industry and get a response pronto.

Travis has broadcast hundreds of conversations with high-level business leaders and influencers about the niche of network creation. “Leave every relationship better than you found it,” is his maxim, and he aims to deliver to listeners easily implemented skills for ultimate networking.

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