Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Nicole Get Her Answers?

Will the DNA test give Nicole the answers she needs?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Caroline from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate whether Konstantin will leave, if Gwen will tell Everett the truth, and why Dimitri would make a deal with Sloan.

And which Salem couple has the least chemistry? Read on to see what our round table team thinks.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Nicole Get Her Answers?

Kayla is running the DNA test on the baby. Will Nicole get the answer, which she hopes, or will something happen with the test that delays the truth coming out?

Caroline: Not a chance will Nicole see the real results this early. Probably, the creepy doctor already changed them to protect himself, but Sloan won’t know that and will freak out for two days.

Jack: I really hope that, for once, the DNA test is accurate, and we move on to the aftermath of Nicole proving the baby is hers. But in Salem, DNA tests are always wrong, at least the first several times, so I don’t have high hopes for this.

Christine: I can’t stand watching Nicole suffer like this. It’s not entertaining in the long term, so I hope they surprise us and have the real DNA results come out now instead of weeks or months. But given Sloan’s history with DNA, I’m not optimistic.

Dimitri supposedly made a deal with Sloan to turn himself in. Why do you think he would do that, and is there more to this plan?

Caroline: I can’t explain why a supposed criminal mastermind would not use the information that the dead baby is not, in fact, dead as leverage to get himself and his boyfriend free. Particularly when the baby daddy is the DA; I have no words for this.

Jack: This really made no sense. It was obvious Sloan wanted him to do it so he’d be in jail and unable to tell anyone that she kidnapped Nicole’s baby. But it’s stupid. EJ is the DA. What stops Dimitri from telling him the truth in exchange for a lighter sentence?

I would be surprised if Dimitri doesn’t double-cross Sloan. The charges were dropped against Leo, so if Dimitri tricks Sloan, they’re both free, and now Leo knows the cops were wrong about Dimitri not caring that he was in jail. That sounds like a win for Dimitri.

Christine: There has to be more to this story because it makes no sense. Dimitri has the control here. Why give that up?

Maggie asked Konstantin to leave Salem. Will he go quietly, or will he cause more trouble for Maggie? Or for Theresa?

Caroline: Konstantin will turn his attention to ensuring Theresa obtains her half of Victor’s fortune so he gets his cut now that he has blown it with Maggie.

When Theresa blows it, and she will, he will produce the original letter and use that to get a payout.

Jack: I don’t see him leaving quietly. If he left town, there would be too much risk that Theresa might tell Maggie or Steve that Konstantin was behind the kidnapping or claim that he forged the letter, leaving her own name out of it.

Besides, if he leaves, this story is wrapped up too neatly. If Theresa wasn’t living with Alex, I’d expect him to blackmail her into letting him secretly stay, but now I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

Christine: Konstantin isn’t about to give up now. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries to get Maggie to change her mind.

If that doesn’t work, he can still blackmail Theresa to get a piece of Alex’s money.

Or, if he gets really desperate, he could really kidnap Victoria for ransom.

Everett called Gwen to talk about being fired. Do you hope Gwen outs Chad’s scheme or covers for him? Can Everett be trusted?

Caroline: I hope and assume Gwen will tell Everett the truth. Why would she protect Chad?

Everett clearly is not what he presents to be, but I still hope Xander gives him his job back once it doesn’t matter anymore.

Jack: I doubt Gwen will out Chad’s scheme because then she’d have to admit she was part of it.

I don’t think Everett can be trusted, but I’m sure he will quickly get to the bottom of who was behind his firing. He seems to be good at his investigative reporting job.

Christine: I think Gwen will cover for Chad. She knew why Chad wanted her half of the paper, so she might just roll with the story.

Everett is manipulating Stephanie. I don’t trust him. But it would help if Stephanie put up stronger boundaries with Everett, and she hasn’t.

But at this point, I’m not sure if Everett will turn out to be a decent guy who can’t let go of a lost love or a master manipulator determined not to lose Stephanie to Chad. Time will tell.

Presently, which couple do you feel has the least chemistry?

Caroline: That’s so hard. Probably Wendy and Tripp, as I think Chad and Steph are toast.

Jack: I’m terrible at picking up on chemistry. But the couple I like least is Eric and Sloan. I also am getting very annoyed with Chad and Stephanie and hope that Chad, Stephanie, and Everett all end up single for a very long time.

Christine: It’s a three-way tie between Wendy and Tripp, Chad and Stephanie, and Rafe and Jada.

The show has way too many boring couples with little chemistry right now.

Who is your favorite character currently in Salem?

Caroline: Xander. Always Xander.

Jack: Most of my favorites are not in Salem right now, but of the ones that are left, I always love it when Julie is on, especially when Doug is there too, and I like Steve and Kayla.

I also love Chanel and Paulina. And Nicole has been a favorite of mine since 2014 or so, so that hasn’t changed.

Christine: I love Leo. He has the best dialogue and makes every scene more fun. I hope Greg Rikaart sticks around for a long time.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

Caroline: Theresa’s dumb wig and worse bra. We are wasting time with Alex and Theresa when we know it is not a real relationship.

Runner up anything with Holly and Tate. I’m too darn old for teen plots.

Jack: I continue to be aggravated with Maggie’s naivety. She had been with Victor for over a decade, and he always complained he could never pull the wool over her eyes. So how could she possibly believe any of Konstantin’s lies?

The only time she seemed remotely like herself was when she kicked him out for the good of her family.

Chad pulling this crap with Everett is also a repeat of Chad/Stephanie/Alex, and Chad said then he learned his lesson about listening to EJ, so why is he doing it all over?

And worse, why did Xander again do something shady in exchange for money? I am so sick of these characters never learning anything!

Also, EJ has been both the victim and perpetrator of fake dead baby stories before. Doesn’t he remember the whole mess with Sydney?? Or that he once told Sami that Johnny was dead?

He should not be so quick to dismiss Nicole’s concerns, especially given both his history and the fact that Nicole was the one who unmasked Dr. Raynor during the last baby switch story (which also involved an accident on the side of the road).

At the very least, he should be putting some resources into looking into Dr. Pierce. That whole accidental cremation story made no sense. Has anyone verified that Pierce even works for the hospital?

As long as Nicole is in Kayla’s office, she should ask Kayla about Pierce and whether there have been accidental cremations before.

Maybe it’s because I write amateur sleuth mysteries, but these seem like obvious steps that the writers have missed so far.

Christine: Why isn’t Kayla investigating how a baby was brought into her hospital, died, and was then accidentally cremated? Shouldn’t doctors, nurses, and the funeral home who did the cremation be questioned?

And I’m so done with Konstantin and Theresa. They can’t leave Salem fast enough.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Caroline: Steve reading Konstantin for filth. Loved every minute of it. And I love that he wasn’t buying the bogus mob story either and will continue to get to the truth.

Jack: I loved Steve confronting Konstantin and Maggie kicking Konstantin out afterward.

I also liked Nicole refusing to listen to everyone telling her that she’s wrong and beginning to investigate what happened to her baby.

Christine: Steve was fantastic this week. He can smell a con a mile away,d and he’s not going to let Konstantin get away with anything.

And I liked Holly coming up with a solid plan to help her mom. She can be a scheming teenager, but she’s smart, and in this case, her heart is in the right place.

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