On June 13th, 2024 Tony Moore Will Present His One Man Show “AWAKE” At The Cutting Room In Manhattan (NY) Marking The First Time “AWAKE” Will Have Been Performed Anywhere Outside Of The UK As Tony Debuts The Show For An American Audience

London based Artist Tony Moore is set to present his critically acclaimed one man show “AWAKE” to an American audience for the very first time since launching it in London in 2021, when he will perform the U.S premiere of  “AWAKE” at The Cutting Room in Manhattan on June 13th 2024.

AWAKE is a highly original mixed media musical/theatrical experience based around an album that was written and recorded in 2021. Although the album has not yet been officially released, there have already been over 60 highly successful performances to full houses in London.

Tony has played many times at The Cutting Room in the past and so he knew that with its incredible stage and sound system, it would be the perfect venue to present AWAKE in.

Steve Harris, bass player of Iron Maiden, has been a part of the creative AWAKE journey since the very first song was written and, in January 2024, he invited Tony to be special guest on the British Lion UK Tour, creating an opportunity for him to perform AWAKE to audiences in sold out venues across the country whilst also winning Tony an army of new fans and supporters.

Moore says “Even when I was writing the music, I knew it had to be a very special experience and so I began creating all the visuals for it as I finished each track. Since the very first live show I have been moved by the audience’s incredibly positive reaction to my songs and all the imagery that’s in AWAKE”.

Steve Harris, who is a big believer in what Tony has created, recently remarked in Classic Rock magazine “If Tony could play guitar back then the way he does now he’d probably still be in the band”

Tony Moore is a multi instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and highly experienced performer whose eclectic career in the entertainment business tells a unique story. From being an original member of the band Iron Maiden to playing piano with Meatloaf in the 80’s to having a Xmas hit with his own band in Holland to joining Cutting Crew as the keyboard player in the late 80’s and touring the world with the iconic hit song “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight” Tony has been involved in many pivotal moments in the world of music.





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Tony Moore – AWAKE

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